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Happy Easter!

My mom made Brooklyn the cutest dress for Easter and we couldn't wait to put it on her and take pictures. She also got a couple of books about the true meaning of Easter from Grandma and Grandpa Power. We spent a nice afternoon at my parents house with tons of delicious foods and great company. We are still perfecting our picture taking skills but we can't help but take lots of pictures of our sweet girl. Happy 1st Easter, Brooklyn!

Brooklyn has really started to develop her giggle and we couldn't be more in love with it. Every time I hear her sweet laugh and squeal I just can't help but smile and love this little girl of ours even more.

During our Easter dinner we read aloud the story of Christ's atonement, crucifixion, and resurrection. It was wonderful to take time to ponder the true meaning of this holiday. How grateful and blessed we are to have this knowledge. Happy Easter!

Brooklyn's Real Newborn Photos

So we all saw recently how horrible we are at attempting to take newborn photos. I had a feeling they wouldn't turn out quite how we wanted so we prepared a back up plan. Bella Baby Photography has photographers in many states that will come to the hospital and take newborn photos. You can then view them online for two weeks afterwards. You can buy prints from there or a cd of all your images. Once I saw them online I knew I had to fork over the cash and buy the photos. They were just so sweet and really captured all of us in her first couple days of her life. She has grown and changed so much since then but I will always cherish these and how different she looked...and me. They aren't what you would think of with typical newborn photos (I have no make up on, she's not wearing a hat, and we don't have any extravagant baby props) but I love them still the same. I look at these and am instantly transported back to the hospital and all of the emotions I felt that day. Th…

Help Needed

My sister is trying to decide which picture to use on her mission plaque. I thought I would ask you guys which one you think is best. Derek and I had fun practicing more with our camera. If you don't like any of honest and we can do a reshoot (due to our photography skills). I think she looks great in all of them.

Anyways, here are our options:

Polka dot, Polka dot, Polka dot afro {That's in honor of our brother Nathan who can't stop singing that...}

Thanks for all of your help!

Photo Fail

So I never wanted to share these but as I looked over them the other day I realized I had too. They are just too funny not to share. Enjoy.

Before Brooklyn was born I was looking everywhere for a newborn photographer that wasn't outrageously expensive. I couldn't find one. I was willing to fork out whatever but Derek asked me if I was willing to spend that much on every child or just our first. After thinking about it we decided not to get professional newborn pictures taken and this is why...
On Black Friday we bought ourselves a DSLR camera. We have no idea how to use it but have enjoyed trying to figure it out together. Since we have a nice camera and newborn photographers are expensive we decided to try our luck at taking newborn photos of Brooklyn. I sit here thinking about it and just have to laugh. Next time I try this, I'll follow these tips: Research tips on how to successfully take newborn photos (ie keep the room really warm)Read the manual and tutorials on how to …

Brooklyn's Blessing

As mentioned in my last post, Brooklyn was blessed on March 3. It was a crazy weekend and a busy day but we wouldn't of had it any other way. We felt so blessed to be able to have friends and family support us on this special day. It was so special to see and hear Derek bless our little girl. We are lucky parents to have this sweet girl in our life. Can't wait to see what her life has in store for her. We will do the best we can to raise her right. 
Keep in mind that there was a lot going on trying to take these pictures so we forgot how to properly sit up Brooklyn so that her head wasn't all over the place. Oh well. We did our best for a crazy day. I think the pictures turned out nicely. Some pictures Brooklyn was still in her blessing dress and all the ones with my family she wasn't. By that point in the afternoon she had a little accident and the dress was no longe wearable. ha 
I don't have any close up pictures of Brooklyn's dress quite yet but let me tel…

2 months old

Our sweet girl turned 2 months old on Sunday, March 3. She had a lot of family in town as that is the day we blessed her (more on that in another post). Derek's whole family came to town and we had everyone from my side expect for Scott, Kim, Addie, and Bennett. They truly were missed. 
Brooklyn is such a happy girl. We took her to the Drs yesterday and she came weighing in at 11 lbs 11 oz (75%) and measuring 23.5 (90%) inches long. She's put on 4 pounds since birth and I couldn't be more proud. I guessed her height exactly on and was only 2 ounces off on her weight. I sure do know my baby girl. Here are some of our favorite moments over the past month. Brooklyn you are:

Quite the smiler. You always have been but they are just too much fun now. I love it when she looks right at me and gives me a smile. I feel so loved.You love playing with your dad. Some of your favorites are the space ship and choo-choo train game.  A champion at holding your head up. Such a strong littl…