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I am not one of those people who blog with a lot of emotion. Recently though I've had a lot on my mind and I don't keep a journal so this is where I am coming to write.

Have any of you ever felt like you want to progress or make a change but you just feel stuck. Here are my goals that I just can't seem to achieve:

Be healthier than I currently am and loose the weight I gained during my back injuryBecome more diligent in my daily activities to increase my spiritualityI'll just leave it at two for right now. My desire is there but for some reason i can't seem to move from Place A to B. No matter what I attempt nothing seems to work. I just can't figure out how to move from where I am at in another direction. My weight loss goals seem totally unattainable. This isn't like a 5 pound goal loss. I am just at the point where I want that change but I am so depressed and upset about where I currently am. I can't even accept my husbands compliments and I have…

Wonderful Wedding Day

As mentioned in my last post, Derek and I attended a wedding for a wonderful friend this past weekend. It was like a mini college reunion. I loved it. Above are some of my great friends from college, Emily, and my husband. So grateful they are a part of my life.

Everyone of the girls had super fabulous shows on and springy dresses. I am the one of the end with black shows and a black and gray dress. How boring, I know. However, I do love this picture. Craig did the photo editing and it looks fabulous!

Sorry my pictures are never in chronological order. I don't know how to use blogger that well so I just take what I can get. This picture is when Craig and Emily came to visit after Craig got in town. I hadn't seen Craig since September so this was very exciting. I love my Craiggers! He will be doing some EFY in Provo this summer and I am so excited to see more of him.

Sitting with Derek while they took family photos

The handsome groom and beautiful bride. They looked fa…


There were so many things I have wanted to blog about lately but it's been so long that I have just forgotten.

Above you see my dear friend Robyn. I have known Robyn longer than any of my other friends. We have grown up together. I've had many sleepovers at her house. I know and love her siblings. I love her mom and dad. They were like second parents to me growing up in Wisconsin. She's such a great friend. She came up a couple weekends ago to run a half marathon in SLC. Impressive, huh? Not for me but good for her. Anyways, we just hung out all day afterwards. We didn't do anything spectacular but the day was just that. We had lunch. We walked around. Shopped. But the best thing was we talked and caught up and we laughed. It was priceless. Robyn and I really know how to have fun and laugh together. She's wonderful and I am blessed to be her friend.

Above is our celebration of Cinco de Mayo. I love this day. I have no real reason I just do. I love mexican food. I lov…