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Baby B: 18 months

Our sweet girl is 18 months (actually almost 20 months at this point). I've become so slow at blogging with such a busy toddler on my hands. We are always busy playing, running errands, and enjoying one another's company. She is truly my sidekick and mini me and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Here is a recap of our sweet girl over the past 3 months:

Vacationed to Newport Beach, CA with my familyGrandma and Grandpa Power and Aunt Samantha. That was a blast having them here in Texas with us. Had her first easter egg hunt! She loves collecting necklaces a lot more than eggs. Cheered her mom on at all her volleyball games. All about shoes. I just wish I owned fancier shows her her to try on. Guess I'll need to get her some dress up ones in the near future. Can't believe she is already starting to love that stage. She is growing too fast.Entered Nursery at church and you aren't really sure how you feel about itTalking a ton! Seriously, I swear she learns a new wor…