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Welcome to Fall

So fall officially started on Saturday so I find it only fitting to write about our fall activities from the weekend. Not all are fall related mind you but we had such a fun weekend. I am so grateful that Derek is being great at organizing his time between school and his two jobs so that we can spend some time together before the baby comes. Take a look at our weekend full of fun.

Design Time

For those of you visiting from Pinterest you can order these from my online store. There you can find all my creations that will be customized for you and available for digital download or print ordering. Thanks for checking them out. You can find my portfolio of work on Powerful Creations website as well. 
So as I have mentioned before - I love to design. It is something I would love to do more of but haven't had the most time to devote to it with my current job. So currently I take jobs as they come and have a blast doing them. It is something that brings me great joy and allows me to express my creativity. Baby announcements are one of my favorite things to design. I am excited to do my own here pretty soon. Recently I had the chance to put one together for my adorable nephew Bennett. Since he is just so cute I couldn't help myself and made three of them. They loved the first one but it's hard to go wrong with a baby as cute as Bennett. Check them out and let me know wh…

Weekend Adventures

Well Fall and Halloween are right around the corner and we are excited. This time of year seems to be almost everyone's favorite because of the cooler weather, all the holidays, fall fashion, tons of memories, etc. Anyways to get me in the mood I bought us some Halloween Oreos. I just can't resist their fun color seasonal colors and cute shapes and images they put on the cookie. Gets me every time. 

I've been trying to take advantage of the cooler mornings as well. I woke up early on Saturday morning and took a nice long walk around town. It felt nice to be outside in no 100 degree weather. 

So about a week ago, Derek and I sat down to plan out our favorite fall and winter activities. We wanted to make bucket lists for these seasons so we could make sure to fit everything in (I will post these later). Since this is our last holiday season child free we are trying to really take advantage of spending time together. Don't get us wrong, we are so excited for our baby gir…

Update: 23 weeks and Labor Day

Ok a couple of things before I begin. 
First, thank you so much to all of you for your love and support. We were a little hesitant to announce the news of our baby girl and we feel even more blessed for all of your sweet comments and best wishes. It truly meant the world to us. So excited to meet her. I can already tell she's cute. :)
Second thing...I made it home from Alabama safely. Thanks again for all of your worry and support. I feel bad for the people in Louisiana as they really suffered some hardships due to hurricane Isaac. After all, I was born in Louisiana and even though i only lived there for two short weeks of my life it's still my birth place. I have been keeping them in my prayers and I hope they all recover quickly. In other news...Birmingham was an interesting place. Highlight of the trip: Jim n Nick's BBQ. They had amazing mashed potatoes, homemade mac n cheese, and these cheddar biscuits that were to die for. Honestly. I could just eat those three things a…