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So I've been getting a little frustrated recently. I want to be able to cook so badly but I just don't know how to. I can cook simple things but I am tired of that. I am currently in love with the Food Network Channel and I think I should be on that worst cook's in America show so i could learn how. Anyways, I am trying to compile different recipes that I can cook for me a Derek. I want to start making a weekly menu and buying only the food we need for that week. I hate when things sit in the pantry for months and I have no idea what to do with that can of whatever. I also want to learn to cook healthy with this new adventure of mine. I don't have any children yet but I feel it's important to start before we add an addition. I want my children to grow up loving healthy food.

Ok so long story short I guess -- If you have any healthy recipe ideas I would love them. Post them here. Email them to me: Anything. I know many of you out there …

Our 1st Anniversary

So yesterday we celebrated our 1st anniversary. We also celebrated it a little bit on Saturday.

-Derek bought me a dozen red roses.
-I got him some cool looking cuff-links.
-Dinner at Olive Garden. My favorite restaurant.
-My friend Na's Hawaiian wedding reception.
-Nickel City. This is where we kind of had our first date. It was so much fun.
-Finished it off by watching The Princess and the Frog in bed.

-My dad made a fabulously delicious dinner. Steak. Potato Soup. Green Salad. Amazing bread.
-We all played a couple grueling rounds of Disney SceneIt and Just Dance 2.
-We thawed the top of our wedding cake and ate it. Actually it was so delicious. It kept really well. Cling wrap is the best. Everyone was shocked at how good it tasted.

This past year has been wonderful. I have experienced more joy than ever before. I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful man in my life who loves me for who I am. Plus he's patient and for me that's such a b…

It's a New Year

So 2010 was crazy but a great year and a year of a lot of firsts. Here's my wrap up for 2010:

-I got married January 16, 2010.
-I left the US of A for the first time and went to Cancun on our honeymoon. (Pretty excited about my first passport stamp!)
-We moved from Utah to CA. CA to Idaho. Idaho to CA. CA to Utah. (This is ridiculous and has purely exhausted me.
-I graduated from college! Not that this has amounted to much yet but maybe someday...just maybe.
-Derek got into BYU. I am so proud of him.
-I got promoted at my mediocre job.
-We went to Hawaii this summer for a family vacation. So pretty there. Can't wait to go back someday.
This year should be just as great. Who knows what will happen. Maybe a real grown-up job? Maybe a new addition? Maybe another awesome vacation to somewhere warm? I'd even go for Europe. :) Anyways Happy New Year Everyone! Enjoy 2011!
This was when we actually still lived in warm weather. ha This was our boat cruise down in Newport Beach on Balboa Ba…