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B gets the flu

So I haven't written recently like I usually do but life is really busy right now and I am not quite sure when it'll slow down. We move NEXT WEEK to Texas where we will be staying in an Extended Stay hotel for a couple of months. During that time I will be house hunting like a mad woman so we can get out of that hotel as soon as possible. It'll be interesting to have Brooklyn in the same room as us again and I just pray it doesn't smell bad. We looked in to temporarily renting an apartment or staying at a Marriott but there were $3,000/month. That's ridiculous. It'll just keep us motivated to find a house, right? ha 
So last week my poor girl got the flu. It was heart breaking. She hasn't been sick before so it was really hard. It reminded me a lot of her early days when she had acid reflux except this time it came with a slight fever, a lot more throwing up, and a worn out baby girl. It was so sad to just hold her and comfort her as she couldn't keep a…

7 months

My goodness life has been busy here trying to get ready for our move to Texas but I still wanted to make time to write down how Brooklyn has changed and grown in the last month. I already feel bad for my future babies...I doubt they'll get records of each month of their 1st year of life. I'll do my best. Anyways...

Isn't she cute? Melts my heart everyday. Here are some of the things she's been up to this last month:
Reaches out to touch your face and show that she loves youGot her 2nd tooth!Does the funniest thing where she chews on her top gums with her bottom teeth. Her nostrils flare and her nose gets all scrunched up. It's pretty dang adorable.Loves to play sitting up. She can sit up like a championSlaps her hands down on everything: legs, tables, floor, water in the bath or poolLoves to also play on her tummy and will go from sitting to her knees to flat on her bellyWhile she's on her stomach she'll turn herself around in a circle. This was her first fo…