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Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival

A couple of weekends ago I convinced Derek to go the Tulip Festival with me. I am so glad we went. It was the most beautiful day and the gardens at Thanksgiving Point were gorgeous. There are over 250,000 tulips spread over 55 acres. We tried to walk around and capture as much of it as possible. On the weekends they have some live folk music and then fair food booths. We made sure to save up and enjoy some of those delicious treats. It got us excited for all the fairs we are going to be attending again this summer. We loved Strawberry Days last year. You can buy a cup of fresh, locally grown strawberries with cream. So good. That rodeo is also so fun. Anyways, on to the tulip festival.

We are so glad we got to enjoy this. We may have been exhausted and it did take all our energy to go but as you can see, everything was beautiful. We are so blessed to live in such wonderful world. There is so much beauty all around and our favorite thing is to explore our city and see what sites we ca…

Samantha's Visit

So General Conference weekend (the end of March I think) we had a visitor. We love this visitor so much and it was such a blast to have her here. Seriously. Just talking and having adventures together was great. Derek's sister Samantha came to visit. She's currently going to school in Rexburg, I jealous, and she got a ride down for the weekend.
Fun adventures: Talking late in to the nightJ Dawg'sBridal Vail Falls Dinner with the Fam So for those who don't know J Dawg's is a great hot dog restaurant in Provo. Maybe some of you think great and hot dog are oxymoron's but not in this situation.  It was started by some BYU students as their senior project and now they've grown and have two store fronts. The sauce they use is out of this world. So we started with lunch here and headed out to the falls. It has to be one of my favorite spots in Provo. Derek and I went hiking there last summer. Anyways I'll stop talking about it I'll just share some…