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Just Our Luck

So Derek and I tend to be lucky people. I never really noticed it until my mother pointed it out the other day. We tend to win a lot of free stuff and I am not even sure how it happens.

I am always that person who wants to win things. I think it's fun and exciting and gives you opportunities to do or have things that you wouldn't have spent the money on yourself. For most of my life I haven't won free things and it has only been recently that things having started to come my way. I remember being at our HS grad night for all the seniors and wishing I would win of the cool prizes. No such luck. Grateful that my luck has changed, for now.

Win #1:
Sevendust tickets. I was getting ready for my band concert, I cool, and I was listening to the local rock station in Appleton, WI. They had a contest to win tickets to see Sevendust in Milwaukee so I called up and actually won! Did I go? No! I didn't have many friends who liked "hardcore" music and I wasn'…

SLC Farmers Market: Disaster in the Making

So after weeks of begging I finally tricked Derek in to attending the SLC Farmers Market. I've always wanted to go and have heard great things about it. Plus I happen to be a huge fan of farmers markets. I thought over the years that Derek had started to like them to. Our trip is one I always want to remember and forget at the same time.

So I had finished feeding Brooklyn and we got ready and headed down but that took longer than expected so I knew I was going to have to feed Brooklyn at the Farmers Market. I packed some water for her and we were on our way. We found parking pretty easy and managed traffic just fine. Once there we started to slowly walk around and we weren't minding the heat too much. Then Brooklyn was getting hungry so we found a shady spot on the grass and sat down. We went to change her diaper and she had pooped. Naturally. Well wouldn't you know that we forgot our diaper changing pad which had all the wipes. So we had some tissues and used them by gett…

Maiden Voyage

So Brooklyn has now been on the boat twice but I had to document her first time out. I think she did pretty great. She started to get pretty tired towards the end. She was just begging me for a nap. My sweet girl. She loves her sleep. Just like her momma that way. I didn't dare put her in the water since it was still freezing.  She loved it whenever the boat was moving. The feeling of the wind in her face and the movements makes one happy girl. We sure loved having her along for the ride.

Baby B at 6 months

So my sweet girl is 6 months old. I feel like from the moment she was born I was waiting for her to be this old. I knew we would have so much fun together as she can do more and interact more than she could when she was just a wee little one. She's grown and changed so much this past month. She amazes me everyday.

She is always on the move. Examples: She rolled of the bed when I was brushing my hair and what I like to call...the swing incident. Our dear friends Jackie and Par have let us borrow their swing. It has saved our life on many occasions. Anyway, I put her in there for a nap one afternoon and start to hear her wakeup. Usually I let her wake up a little before I go and get her. So I start to listen to her get a little more fussy so I go back there to check out what she's up to. She is on her stomach, her head is facing down where her butt should be, and her waist and legs are dangling off the swing and it goes back and forth. I should've snapped a picture but I move…

Brooklyn's 6 month photos

So yesterday our sweet girl turned 6 months old. I'll update more on what she's been up to but first I wanted to share her 6 month photos. I love how the turned out and think she look adorable in all of them. I can't choose a favorite. We sure do love you baby girl!

See why I couldn't choose just one to share? She just melts my heart. Love my little girl. Hope everyone is having a wonderful 4th!