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My Job

This is where I work.

I was hired on January 27th, 2011 onto the team and sister company of

Quickly, I learned everything and I became bored and wanted to find a job that was challenging.

Two weeks ago I was promoted to the Executive Office at Very exciting. We handle all escalated calls, billing, banking, awards, specials offers, social media, wholesale, etc. We pretty much do a lot of stuff and I am so excited about this. The pay raise isn't a bad thing either. I just found out today I get to be in charge of Wholesale and Social Media. Yeah for getting to manage Facebook and Twitter for, along with agent and customer calls.

I am so grateful for this change of pace and for this answer to my prayers.

Two months ago I threw out my back and haven't been able to do much except see a physical therapist 2-3 times a week. Needless to say, these bills have been adding up quickly as I switched to new insurance plans through work.…

Once in a lifetime

There are times when we reflect on our lives and we can see just how much God has blessed us and provided for us. During those times of reflection you can come to see how God has blessed you through others. He has blessed me through my family and husband of course but usually He'll throw in a friend like no other. A friend that understands you. Someone who lifts you up and know when you are having a hard time staying afloat. That is my friend Emily.

Emily is a gem. I love her dearly. We met on our missions and the moment we met we knew we were friends and had the same life but were somehow separated at birth. Since then there have been numerous experiences where I have felt an overwhelming amount of gratitude for the blessing of Emily in my life. Recently I've been having a hard time adjusting to a new place and a new job and a new lifestyle. It hasn't been an easy transition on me. This past weekend I spent time with Emily and it was as it always i…

A Picture To Share

This was our first attempt at engagement pictures. There are a few we ended up really liking. Anyways, I was looking through them today and decided to share one of them because these were taken during my pre-blogging days.
Good thing, this picture inspires me to get in shape for summer. I was quite a bit thinner before getting married. Time to get back to there. The weather is getting nicer and then fruit is coming in season. My back is almost healed, well kinda, so I can start doing moderate exercise. I am excited to get back to being active. It's been a hard couple of months not being able to exercise.
Here's To Summer: