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To get me feeling festive...

So with Halloween fast approaching I realize that I still don't have a costume for Brooklyn or for us. It'll be amazing if I can manage to put something together.

It has been hard living in temporary living the past couple of months, especially this month. All I want to do is decorate for fall and Halloween, bake delicious goodies, and sit out on my back porch enjoying hot cocoa as the weather starts to get colder. We can't even buy any pumpkins cause we will be moving in to our home before Halloween. Hopefully we can still hit up a pumpkin patch and carve some pumpkins before the big day.

So to get me in the Halloween spirit I did a couple of things. I bought a cute onesie for Brooklyn and designed something that I can't wait to print out and frame for my mantel once we move in to our very first home.

So here is all I have done so far to be festive and it might just hold me off and little longer.

You can download this free printable here. You can print it out (it'…

9 months

Time keeps on slipping into the future. But seriously, it does. Our little B is 9 months old today and is growing bigger and learning new things every day. 
Brooklyn at 9 months: Got three teeth. She was a teething machine. She got all 4 top teeth in about 2 weeks. After she got her first two she would grind her teeth together. Still eats and sucks on everything. We have moved in to an apartment temporarily. It is filled with stuff from the previous tenants and so I never know what's around. I always try to do a good baby proofing look but she finds everything. I have found that she chewed through the corner or a box, was chomping on a bead, chewing on drywall. You name it she has tried to put in in her mouth.She has an amazing eye for details. She's like her daddy that way. She can find the smallest things that no one would ever see and pick them up. Thread. Piece of carpet. Zip tie. It amazes me. She's able to use those long skinny fingers of her to grab the smallest obje…