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On The Road Again

So tomorrow I am headed here...
I am pretty excited to head there again and spend a week in this fabulous city. It is for work so I don't know how much site seeing I will get my list of things to do are shorter than if this trip was all about me.
Eat lots of delicious, buttery croissants Bring home Laduree for Derek (also eat some while there)Find Le Petit Prince pop-up book for MarthaGo to Angelina's and sip down their velvety hot chocolateGo to Versailles (This one will be a stretch since it's a day trip to get out there and see everything. However, I hear the gardens in the summer time are gorgeous)Eat Italian iceEat a delicious warm crepe with Nutella all melty insideEat a croque-monsieur Conquer my fear to travel on the metro aloneFind gifts for loved onesOh and work.... I love how most of this list is about me eating delicious food. Oh well...why not while I'm there, right?
Any other things I should try to fit in while I am over there?
I would love to see t…


So lately I feel like I've been a little hard to handle. My emotions have been out of control. Lots of crying and whining due to feeling sick, the spider attack, and the car accident. I sound like such a treat. As I have reflected on these past couple of weeks I decided it was time to pay tribute to those who have supported me, listened to me, and helped me. I couldn't have done it without you.
Derek - Thanks for always listening to me complain about how I don't feel well. You've been a great help with dinners, laundry, and keeping our house clean. Also, thanks for letting me play with the iPad when I feel it's my turn. You're a trooper and I couldn't survive without you.
Mom & Dad - In all honesty I am surprised you pick up the phone still when you see I am calling...ha After feeling sick, the spider attack, and crying out of control after my car accident I am so grateful you still answer. I would've never been able to stop freaking out after some o…

Spider Hunting and Redeisgn Help

So spider hunting huh? Something I've never wanted to participate in but all the sudden find it very necessary to do. What will help you understand this better is the traumatic experience from Friday. Keep in mind that I hate spiders just as much as I hate roaches. I have gotten better at killing spiders and conquering this fear but Friday was too much for me.
I wake up Friday morning not feeling very well so I decided to work from home. On days when you don't feel well it's so hard to jump in the shower first thing. Around 3:00 pm I decided it was now or never. (We live in a basement apartment of a 4-plex. All our windows are ground level.) Anyways everything is going great and I turn off the water getting ready to put my hair in a towel. I flip my hair over my head and see a spider sitting on my hip bone. True story. I flicked it off (which took a couple of tries) and when it hit the ground it started running towards my bare feet. Absolutely not. I jumped out of that sh…