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So yesterday Derek and I finally signed the contract for our new place. I am so excited. I don't even care that it's further away from BYU and work. It's like an extra 5-10 minutes depending on traffic. So worth it. Can't wait to leave Cambridge Court. It has been one of the worst places I have ever lived. Some of you may know about the issues we had this summer with some lovely bugs. I will spare you the details because I don't think you really want to know and I don't like to retell it because then I have to relive it. 
Ok so here are the great things about getting to move: 150 more square feet2 bedroomsWasher and dryerNew carpet and tile floorNew furnaceUpdated bathroomLocated in a 4-plex (Only 3 neighbors is a bonus)Trash only comes once a weekGreat LandlordThe downsides: We finally made friends in our current place. We have dinners and game nights with them all so we'll just have to continue after we move.No covered parking More money but for what we get …

26th Birthday Celebration!

So here are some photos in no particular order but they sure do capture all the joy that I had on my birthday! Derek did so well on all my gifts. He was taking notes the past couple months when we were shopping and everything he got me was on my "list".  Ok. I don't really have one but I would mention things I like and he took notice. He's so wonderful.He really did a great job making my birthday so special. He wanted to make sure he showed me just how much he appreciates and loves me. Mission accomplished.

This was especially nice. This has been such a hard week for me, mostly with work. I got an e-mail calling me down to the front desk and these were sitting there waiting. They're just beautiful. It really made my day.
 Unfortunately, the precious phone is on back order so who knows when I'll actually get it. I am hoping before Thanksgiving! Thanks Derek!
My co-workers made it a great day as well. They made me a hilarious Photoshopped birthday card, made me a…


So Derek and I really slacked on Halloween this year. He's been so busy with school work that we don't always have a lot of time to celebrate things in a HUGE way.  However, we did take time to
celebrate just a little.
So a friend of mine works for the Provo Parks and Rec department as an event planner and every year they put on a Halloween Carnival. We wanted to go and support her even thought we found out when we got there that it is mostly for families with little children. Oh well. We made our own fun. You can guarantee that we were the tallest people walking around the cake walk but we didn't care. We had fun. There was a haunted house and a magic show. We only stayed for an hour or so and then were planning on going to a Halloween part in a huge house in Lindon, Utah. Unfortunately, on our way there our phone died with the directions so we just went back home and danced to the Monster Mash and watched Ghostbusters. 
On Sunday we also had some friends over for a game…

Derek's Golden Birthday

So on October 25 we celebrated Derek's 25th Birthday! finally my husband is as old as me for a couple of weeks. Helps me not feel so much older than him for a little bit.
So it started the Sunday before with dinner at my family's house. We had a nice dinner and delicious chocolate birthday cake. We didn't have any candles so we just put some number candles together to add up to 25. Classy. I know. 
So for his actual birthday we went to a Brazilian restaurant, Tucano's, to celebrate. We first went here for Valentine's Day and just loved it. Their lemonades are to die for. Derek loves the all your can eat meat aspect which I don't mind because it's something i feel he can eat a lot of. They go around when the cube is green and they slice of little pieces of BBQ chicken, brisket, steak, and grilled pineapple. As soon as you turn your cube over to red they will stop bringing you meat. There is also a fresh all you can eat salad bar which is nice for me. I …