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Scott, Kim, and Addie visit

So today Derek and I finally got an Internet connection so I can update the blog. We have been procrastinating until we got our new computer! It looks a little like this:
Our keyboard isn't as small though. It is in proportion to the monitor. Then to make things even better in our apartment we bought a book case and then my parents surprised us with a flat screen TV and a blue ray player for our late Christmas gift! We are loved and spoiled and so grateful for the wonderful families we have.
So they only exciting thing that has happened lately is that my brother and his wife and cute little baby came to visit for his spring break. It was so much fun. For the first time in a long time I felt that there was something to do. Here are some pictures of my adorable niece, Addie.

She loved the thin mints. She even gave me a kiss because I gave her one.
At Nathan's B-day Party eating some chocolate. She is my favorite!
So other than that nothing exciting is happening. Derek is doing well …