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Happy Birthday & 30 Weeks

So I am not even sure exactly where I left off on blogging but I do know what I need to update on when returning home from this business trip. Weekend getaway to California and my baby shower!Trip to NYC...last business trip of the year!I'll get to that soon but first of all I want to wish a Happy Birthday to my sweet husband Derek. Today is his 26th birthday. I am sad to be out of town so I made sure that he had presents before I left. He opened one of them while we were in California. I got us tickets to see The Killers and Tegan and Sara on November 30th. We are pretty excited to go.
Then on Tuesday I had him open up the rest of his gifts. Just small things I knew he would enjoy. Hope you're having a fabulous birthday Derek! Don't freeze to death in the snow! I am so lucky to have you in my life and our little girl is so blessed to have a good dad already.

Ok so on to my pregnancy update. I totally missed 29 weeks so this will be a combination of how things have been going…

The Adventures We Have...

Why can't weekends last longer? Good news though - Tomorrow is Friday! This weekend will go by way too fast as Derek and I are taking a weekend getaway to visit the Power family. We are so excited. All of his family will be there for the first time in a little over a year. We can't wait. 
So this last weekend was fun. I had a chance to decorate our house. We don't have much room to decorate a lot but a few things go a long way in our lovely spider basement apartment. Good news is the spider only add to our decor...ha

Later Saturday afternoon our friends Jackie and Par stopped by with their cute little baby Henrik. It was fun to see them and to see how much Henrik has already grown in his first month of life. Such a cute family. Later we joined my parents and Nathan for a nice dinner. It was fun to get to spend a little bit of time with them in Provo. That night we enjoyed the Pumpkin Patch. It was such a cute place. We plan to go back to do they straw maze there. So many …

Baby Update: 28.5 weeks

Ok so there are a lot more pictures of the baby bump in this blog post. I had Derek take a lot to make sure I wouldn't look ugly or gross. What pregnant woman wants to look that way in a picture? Anyways there were a few cute ones I thought I would share.

I am currently sitting at my 3 hr glucose test, waiting for my last blood draw. This experience has been oh so lovely. I am excited to be done and put some protein in my body. I am starting to feel a little crazy and restless through this process.

Ok on to the update:

Feeling blessed

Derek and I are truly blessed. We feel so overcome with gratitude and love. Thanks to all of you for your love, support and excitement through the pregnancy and my recent promotion. We have such great family and friends. Thank you.

While I am on the subject of blessings I would like to mention that is hast been such a blessing not to travel in a while. I have traveled at least once/month since February this year. It has been a blast and I love it but I didn't realize how much I love being here with Derek on the weekends. I haven't had to travel the whole month of September and won't start traveling again until next weekend. Thank goodness that's a fun trip to CA for Derek's birthday and his mom's birthday. We are pretty excited. The whole Power family will be together. First time since Cassie's wedding. Then it's off to NYC. That will be a work trip but I am more than excited for the following reasons: Kate! She's the best. I get to visit her while I…

27 Weeks and Counting