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4 months

As always, I'm late with this but I still want to keep track of all the wonderful ways Brooklyn is growing and changing each month. It's amazing to be able to watch a baby develop. They learn so much, so quickly. 
Here's what she's been learning/doing this past month:  Rolled over for the first time on 4/15/13. I was the only one home and loved that it was just for me...haShe can roll over to both sides.Loves foot massages Liking tummy time so much more (should've put a toy in front of her a long time ago) Took her first flight to Las Vegas. I feel like she did pretty well. We sat next to the nicest people who happen to love babies and didn't mind a few cry's here or there. Thanks Kim for all the travel tips! Loves doing sit ups. She's always trying to sit up in her bouncer.Sticks her tongue out a lot. It's so cute. She is so fascinated with it.Lots of spit bubblesAfter our day trip/flight to Las Vegas Brooklyn&…

Please Tell Me...

Please tell me you guys have done this before because I just can't be the only one.
This has happened twice to me now and I just feel ridiculous about it.
I am shopping and Brooklyn is in her carseat sleeping and the diaper bag is in the main part of the cart. I am getting my groceries and just start putting stuff in around the carseat and diaper bag. I check out, get my bags, and head out to the car. I load the groceries in the car and then take Brooklyn out to put her in the car and I find stuff I haven't paid for. It slid underneath her carseat or the diaper bag and there it is. First time, it was pie crust and the second time it was shampoo. I try to check everywhere but something always seems to slip underneath the carseat and in my hurry I just miss it. I feel so dumb but at this point Brooklyn is buckled in and I am in a hurry to get her home. For those of you with small children you know how difficult it is to repack it all and get back in there when they could wake u…