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Pregnancy Update

So I am little behind on this but I wanted to get this up before I hit 35 weeks on Thursday. On Thanksgiving I hit 34 weeks. So weird. I think Derek and I are starting to realize this is coming faster than we anticipated. The holidays always make things go faster. Soon Christmas will be here and then BAM...our baby will be here. 

Heaven Sent Weekend & 33 weeks

So I mentioned last week that I was really looking forward to this weekend. I knew it was going to be relaxing and exactly what I needed.

Friday afternoon started with a prenatal massage and a pedicure. Everything was perfect. My parents and siblings set me up with this for my birthday. I have never felt so awesome during pregnancy. I wish that massage could've lasted like 4 hours. I felt relaxed for the first time in a long time. I need to get massages more often. I also loved that I got to have my feet taken care of. They even gave me a paraffin wax treatment. Loved every minute of this.

Later that night Derek and I headed to Park City for a weekend getaway. For my birthday I told him that I needed a nice weekend away from work, cold weather, stresses of being pregnant, etc. We found a Groupon deal for a condo. So glad we did it. We got a great price on the place and it had everything I needed: fireplace, huge jacuzzi bathtub, cable TV, a nice kitchen. Mostly I just needed the h…

Birthday Weekend

That's right...I got a birthday weekend. That's what happens when you have a birthday on Friday and also so close to your mom's. My mom's birthday is the day before mine which always makes celebrating so much better since we can celebrate together. I was truly blessed to have such a great weekend.

Friday it snowed like crazy. No joke. I hate the snow. I knew the snow just couldn't hold off another weekend. Since I have swollen feet I had to wear flip flops outside all day and my feet were freezing. It was nice to finally get home after work and not have to go outside for a while. Anyways during this awesome snow storm I was able to go out to lunch with Emily and Elizabeth. Emily's birthday was earlier in November so we had fun celebrating. Later that night Derek took me out to the Olive Garden so I could enjoy their salad and breadsticks. Always hits the spot. Love their breadsticks. He was so wonderful and got me some really thoughtful gifts. He bought me tums…

32 Weeks

NYC: Pre-Storm

New York was both fun and exhausting. I am glad it was my last trip for the year. Ended this year of travels in a great place. As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I am just grateful I got out before they didn't let anyone out anymore.  The city was just beautiful. Central park was the best. Honestly. I couldn't get enough of it. Sad to know that with the damage of Sandy a lot of the parks don't look the same anymore - so I had to share the beauty of NYC as I was able to enjoy it. 

So the picture below represents an interesting experience. So Kate and I had walked from my hotel to Grand Central station. At this point, I was exhausted. My pregnant body just needed a break. We tried forever to find a taxi but were failing...miserably. We just don't have the gift I guess. Anyways, as we were trying to hail a taxi this bike taxi guy stops. He asks if we need a ride and we hop in. We asked him to take us to Central Park. He took us on a bike carriage ride through the ci…

CA and Baby Shower

So I have every intention of watching the election results tonight but I just can't do hours of the talking about it. I like to tune in when things get closer. I don't do well with all that will they, won't they. Too stressful. All I know is that I was excited to vote today. Once I got to the right building I was able to walk in and out. No lines for me. From talking to others I seem to be more of an exception. It's always fun to get involved with something so American if that makes any sense. Even though we all differ in opinions I still feel united with other Americans in our right to vote and be a part of this process.
Ok enough of that. I wanted to blog about our trip to California and my first baby shower. What a fun weekend. It all went by too fast. Our only plans were to spend time with family. It was so nice to catch up. It had been over a year since the entire Power family had been together. Since we won't be traveling during Christmas we wanted to fit in o…