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Playing the Power Way

I have gotten so behind in posting about our adventures. I am leaving next week for another conference and I want to catch up before I leave again. Derek and I have been busy with school, finals, work, weddings, and traveling. Here are some pictures to recap.

Attended a wedding, bridal shower, and baby shower. That last picture is just an adorable one of my niece. She is just the cutest thing ever. I can't get enough of her.  Look at that red hair. Here is hoping I get to spend time with her and my new nephew this summer! He's due in about 3 weeks.

Bought myself some Coach sunglasses. Thanks to my fabulous insurance program I only had to pay $5.00. Yeah for not needing glasses so I can get myself some nice sunglasses. Getting classy!

We celebrated Easter. We had a huge feast at my parents house with a lot of her side of the family. Delicious food and great company. The weather was perfect so we couldn't help but take a picture after church.
For those who don't know, m…

Progess is still progress, but really?

I am getting so frustrated with this weight loss journey. There are so many things I love about it and have brought me so much joy: Never feeling too full that my stomach hurts and I can't find a comfortable position to sit inReally eating only what I wantFinding new ways to introduce veggies into me lifeStill allowing myself a treat if I want it and have room left Watching the numbers go down on the scale (My favorite one)Finding new exercises I enjoy and don't make my body feel worse/injured after doing themI have learned so much and am glad I started on this journey.  Here is my complaint though:
I have changed so much about my diet and activity and I love it. I feel better all the time. I am working so hard and am seeing progress but not like others. I am just frustrated. I'll cut out all sweets and carbs. I measure everything I eat and I still am only loosing .5 pounds/week on average. Some weeks I stay the same and others I loose so it averages out to .5 pounds. Could …

A Beautiful Bride: Robyn's Wedding

My best friend Robyn got married this last weekend. I am sad that I didn't have more time to take pictures but I did capture a few special moments. Her and Luke look so happy together.
This wedding was very special to me. Robyn is more than a best friend, I feel like she is my sister. It's not very often you find a friend you can truly be yourself with. She knows everything about me, helped me through some of my most embarrassing moments, and been there for me when things have been difficult. I am so grateful to have her as a part of my life. I wouldn't have missed her wedding for anything. On her wedding day I was privileged to be a bridesmaid, her escort in the temple, and help her get dressed and ready for her special day. That meant the world to me. I am so glad I was able to truly show my support for her. I cried like a little baby in their sealing. I was so happy that they now get to form their own family and eternal unit. Luke is such a sweet guy and takes such goo…

The Smell of Chlorine: Tribute to BYU-I swimming

It's amazing how a smell can trigger a memory to run through your mind. 
The smell of Derek's hair yesterday reminded me of picking out Pumpkins at Lomabardi's Pumpkin Patch. It is one of our favorite memories. That day was filled with new adventures, beautiful fall weather, and fall baking. Yesterday I got to relive that moment because of a smell. What a powerful sense, one I am truly grateful for. Without it I fear I would loose too many memories.
There is one smell that brings back memories from childhood to college. Chlorine. I've been around it and in it my whole entire life. So many happy and competitive memories come back with the smell of chlorine in the air. At Gold's Gym the other day I got to smell chlorine and relive many great memories. Waiting out the thunderstorms of swim meets in CABeing a Sycamore Stingray and a Woodland WaveGetting lost in the parade our swim team participated in as a little girl Breaking my big toe at a swim meetWinning medals and r…

Where We Live

Anyways we are so thrilled to be living in a place that is roach free and more spacious. There are nice little updated the landlord has put in to the place. He really takes care of his fourplex. In the front he has an evergreen and flower trees that really make it feel like a yard. He's a great landlord. One downside: The incredibly noisy neighbors and the train right down the street. I had Derek get me some earplugs to deal with those situations. Most of the time they work like a charm but those other times leave me exhausted.What happened to those days when i was a heavy sleeper? Oh yeah...the days of no sleeping in college always got me to sleep through my alarm for my 7:45 class.
I know the quality of the pictures isn't great but I wanted to take some after our spring cleaning and all I had on me was my phone. We are just loving our new space and plan on staying here until Derek graduates and we find out where life takes us after that.