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Derek's Birthday Present

So Derek's birthday is coming up and i am planning on getting him the iphone 4 if all works out according to plan. Anyways i also wanted to create something for him that was more personalized. So i took some of our favorite pictures from our trips this summer and put them together in this collage. I made them look like Polaroids and then was able to put titles on it and i am really happy with the way it turned out. I originally made it as a 5x7 but changed it to an 8x10 so everything can be seen better. I printed it off on photo paper and i will be buying a frame for it shortly. I hope he loves it.

In other news life is great. I applied for a job at wells fargo to be a personal banker. After a couple interviews i got offered the job with benefits after 30 days and a starting wage of $35,000 a year but it just didn't feel right to take it. I still have time to decide...mabye i'll change my mind but not likely. So i am still working at American Eagle and will be bei…