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Honeymoon: Cancun!

So I know all these posts are out of order but I am trying to keep up to date on things we're doing now while slowly adding in our wedding and honeymoon.
Our honeymoon was fabulous. Derek planned it all and was determined to keep it a secret from me. Everyone in my family knew and two of my best friends: Robyn and Emily. I couldn't believe everyone knew but me. Finally on our wedding day derek told me we would be going to Cancun! I was so excited. Derek knows me really well. There's something I hate so much and Derek decided to not make me suffer any longer. He knows how much I hate snow and cold weather. He took me to the perfect place and we had such a great time. We stayed at The Moon Palace Resorts. What an adventure that was and my first stamp on my passport! I am such a lucky lady to have married such an amazing man. Ok so i'll talk about it through pictures. Here goes nothing... In the airport shuttle still dressed in our winter clothes. Every night the resort woul…

Pictures of Father's Day Weekend!

Father's Day Weekend

So this weekend was fabulous, in fact every weekend since Derek has been here with me has been wonderful.
For those of you who don't know, Derek and I had to be separated after 3 months of marriage for 7 weeks. I came back up to finish my last semester at BYU-Idaho and he was in the middle of his semester at COC in California. He wouldn't be done until June. It was a really hard 7 weeks and I am so grateful that it's over. Having him with me everyday is such a huge blessing in my life. I love him dearly. He takes such good care of me and loves me so much.
Anyways..back to this weekend. We drove down to Utah to visit my family and spend father's day with my daddy. We got down there Friday evening and were greeted with a home cooked meal. Steak. Spinach Salad. Roasted potatoes. Delicious. Saturday we spent the morning getting ready for the boat (pictures to be coming later). We finally left for Utah Lake at 12:30 and didn't get home till around 8:00. Such a…

The Power Family: Established January 16th, 2010

The Power Family. How cool is my new last name? Power. So good.
Anyways, most of you know Derek and I met in August of 2008 when I got transfered to El Paso, TX. He was my District Leader my last two transfers. We really didn't become friends till my last transfer but the friendship we had made kept us in contact, through letters, after I left the mission. 7 months later, Derek returned home from his mission and gave me a phone call. We started dating soon after and got engaged September 2, 2009 and married January 16, 2010. What a great day that was! It was wonderful to finally have the engagement over and to be married to Derek for all eternity in the Salt Lake City Temple.
Our photographer said it was the coldest wedding he had shot all winter and was glad he came prepared with the winter wardrobe. We were freezing, on the other hand. I found it hard to smile and to keep our noses from running but our photographer was wonderful and the pictures turned out great. I loved the feeli…