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Here are the video's of sweet Brooklyn as promised.  Enjoy!

Here she is super excited about her new crib!

Here she is loving her walker!

B at 11 months!

So I am sorry my blog has been lacking. Sad part is not just my personal blog but my sisters' missionary blog. I have been so busy with doing design work and moving in to our new house. I've mentioned before how much I love graphic design so I decided to start a storefront and really make my Facebook page a place to interact and gain business. It has been a fun and busy couple of months doing Christmas cards and a wedding invitation. You can check me out here to see some of my recent work. So if you need Christmas cards it's not too late. Let me know.

I digress...back to why I am here blogging today. Our sweet Brooklyn is now 11 months old. I can't believe that next month she'll be one. She still seems like my little baby. She is active, fun, crazy, and loving. I am so blessed to spend every day with her.

Now I know this photo may be a tad bit blurry but I couldn't resist. Here you can see all 8 of her teeth and see how much this girl loves to swing. I wish we …