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Love Weekends

So I've been very blessed to now work a lot of Friday's and Derek doesn't have school on Friday so we really take advantage of our weekends and try to spend a lot of time together. I always look forward to them. Here are some things we've been up to lately. I apologize for always having so many pictures to tell me stories. If I updated more often it wouldn't be so bad.

At Vasquez Rocks. Tons of movies and shows have
been filmed here. Monk, NCIS, The Flinstone Movie, etc

Me in a small cave

Derek rock climbing. Amazing isn't it? ha

Enjoying our time together

Christmas lights in Santa Clarita are a
huge deal. They have neighboorhood contests every year.
Seriously they have place where you have to find Rudolph and
people pass out candy canes. So festive. I loved it.

They a…

It's the holidays!

And I couldn't be more excited. There is a lot going on and so I've been bad at blogging. Derek and I have been busy with work, school, and of course, our fun weekend adventures. We had a fun one this last weekend at Vasquez Rocks. Anyways, I'll blog later on today with some new pictures but at least my blog isn't stuck in a transitional fall/Halloween phase anymore.