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Work Travels: Philadelphia & NY

So recently for work I was able to travel to Philadelphia and New York.  It was a blast. Successful conferences, family, and friends. I couldn't of asked for better trips. I seriously love my job. I feel so blessed everyday to do something I love so much. So here are some highlights from each trip:
Philadelphia: Saw my friend Dan from college, met his girlfriend, and ate an authentic Philly Cheese-steak with Cheese Wiz. It was delicious. Seriously. It was fun to see him and catch up. It had been a long time.Went out to dinner with my Aunt Janette and Uncle Lance. We went to this amazing Italian restaurant. It is located right across the street from an Opera Academy so each waitor is an opera singer. Every 10-15 minutes they break out in to some beautiful aria. What a treat. The food was great as well. It was fun to catch up with them and see their new house. It's a charming row house located in a great area. How I love the east coast. Also this is huge news for me: I ate a muscl…

London: Part 1

As I mentioned in my last blog post, we loved Paris until we go to London. Oh my we loved London. You could argue it's because we had more time there and that we had tour guides of the city. Put that all aside and we still loved it. It's cleaner, it seemed more magical, and the people were 100% nicer and spoke English! ha Don't get me wrong, we loved both cities but London was just amazing.
I will have to split this blog post in to two. I have pictures I want to share and I have some pictures my friend took that I want to share as well.
Ok here we go again. Phase 1. Story telling through photos:
WARNING: They are not in order of events and there are a lot of pictures. It's just so hard to choose.