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On Moving: Day 1

So it's been a while since I've updated and I really don't like that. I have used this as a place to record the adventures of my family and recently we've had a lot of adventures. I want to catch up on what we've been up to since our move.

After going back and forth for a couple of weeks, Derek and I finally decided how we were going to take this giant move. We got a huge Penske truck (22 ft) and towed our car behind. Our goal in moving to Texas was to find a house and become first time home buyers. With that being the case we needed to look for somewhere temporary to stay. We decided to stay in the Extended Stay of America in Arlington because it was the best priced yet still so expensive. We thought we had everything figured out and off we went. Thanks to the help of my family and the movers we hired we were able to pack up the truck really quickly and still have room for Derek's broken scooter. He's not quite ready to say goodbye and is hoping to have ti…

8 months already?

I seriously can't believe B is already 8 months old. This last month just flew by. With getting sick, moving, and trying to enjoy our last days in Utah, life was pretty busy. Brooklyn is such a happy and beautiful baby. She has done so well this last week after being in the car for three days and being dragged everywhere. She continue to impress me everyday. She's so smart and flexible. She is so happy and patient. I learn so much from her everyday. I learn more and more everyday why Christ teaches us to become like a child. I hope I teach her a thing or two during this process...ha 
Here's what she's been up to:
- Perfecting her army crawl. She's so much faster.  - Became a momma's girl. Ever since she had the flu she has been wanting to be held and paid attention to by me. I find it to be so sweet.  - Loves eating her solid foods. Her appetite has increased quite a bit. - She can get her belly up off the ground.  - Talking tons and tons. She just babbles all day lo…