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1 year old!

My sweet daughter Brooklyn is 1! I can't believe that. That means I have been a mom for 1 year. Good news is we both have survived! She's grown so much sine she's been 1. She didn't become a toddler overnight but as soon as she could walk she left those baby years behind her and hasn't looked back. I on the other hand seem to always be looking at her like my little baby. I guess I need to get with the times and realize my baby girl is no longer a baby.

Here are some of our fun activities and happenings from her 12th month:

1st dentist appointment: 12/11/2103Learned to clap: 12/19/13Tried whole milk and wasn't a fan (still isn't)Celebrated her very first ChristmasCelebrated her 1st birthday Pointed, and still points, at everythingWill open the door if you ask her toKnows how to turn on and off the light switches when you askLoves to read and loves her blanketIs more of a sound sleeper than I knew. She slept through a fire alarm and a loud Christmas Eve party …