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Temple Square

Finally Scott, Kim, and the kids arrived and we were able to spend some time with them. We are so excited to have them here and we love seeing them whenever we can. Last Friday night we all went to Temple Square as a family - we were just missing Stephen. That's pretty impressive for a family that keeps growing. Scott, Kim and Bennett had to leave early so we enjoyed spending time with cute little Addie. It was freezing but the lights were beautiful. My family was so sweet and patient as I walked slowly behind them. Derek was nice enough to keep my pace. So grateful for the opportunity to go and cherish time with my family. This will probably be our last Christmas as a entire family for who knows how long. 

39 Weeks

Weren't we cute?

Ok first thing. Can we talk about how it has been snowing all day long? It hasn't stopped since last night. I went outside for one brief moment today and nearly froze to death. So grateful I am working from home on a day like today. My car is covered in snow and my only two shoe options at this point are flip flops or slippers. No jacket that fits either. So grateful to be inside and warm.
Now that I have addressed the snow factor I wanted to share some adorable photos. So ever since I have become pregnant I have constantly wondered about what our baby girl will look like. It's something I think and sometimes dream about in these final weeks of pregnancy. I am so excited to see her cute little fingers grab hold of mine and to see if she has hair/no hair, her cute nose, her eyes, and everything about her. I am getting excited just thinking about it now. As you know I am in the final stretch of pregnancy, only 15.5 days until our due date. I can't stop thinking about her an…

Wise Men Still Seek Him Free Printable

UPDATE:  Hello Everyone! I have noticed that this post has been receiving a lot of traffic via pinterest and The Dating Divas Website. I wanted to welcome you all. I still do free printables for different seasons and holidays but no longer post them on my personal blog. We'd love it if you'd follow along on our design journey. You can find us on Facebook! I also post all of my free printables here. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy your holiday season.
So the past couple of days I have really been thinking about how I can reflect the true meaning of Christmas in my home. We live in a small two bedroom apartment and there isn't much room to decorate. This morning I was watching the video Wise Men Still Seek Himand felt inspired to create a printable for my home. It's a good reminder to not only seek Him this time of year but throughou…

Christmastime is here & 36 week update

Last year around Christmas we were moving in to the ghetto of Provo and weren't able to get a Christmas tree until a couple of days before Christmas. This year I wanted to enjoy Christmas a little bit longer. No moving, no traveling, just Derek and I enjoying our last Christmas without a child. We are naturally excited to have her here with us next Christmas but it'll be nice to relax and enjoy one last holiday with just the two of us. We have been making it a priority to really cherish the time we have together.

Anyways, who knew Derek would be so picky about a tree? Last year we found one in a matter of minutes. Our 4th stop, at Lowe's, we finally found one we liked for a good price. I am loving the smell throughout my house. We are pretty excited that we got ourselves a Canon Rebel for Thanksgiving and have had fun experimenting with it...hence all the pictures.

So here is my 36 week update:

Art For Hunger

So before Thanksgiving the company I work for put on an Art For Hunger competition and food drive. Elizabeth and I decided we would head up the design for the PR/Marketing team. We had a fun time coming up with ideas and seeing it come to life. We tied in 007 because the movie was just coming out and we had made a connection at work that Daniel Craig is related to the guy whom the original James Bond was based on. Anyways, check out the pictures. I think our Etch-A-Sketch turned out great.

So our scanning team did a DSLR camera out of cans that actually worked to take pictures. I stopeed by with a couple of co-workers to check it out. They had a fun station set up with props. I seriously work for such a fun company and am so grateful for that.

Sub for Santa should open up this week and I am excited to be involved. There are so many fun opportunities to participate and serve at work. We do a service project about once a month throughout the year. Anyways I just wanted to brag about how…

Update on Life & Pregnancy

Ok so I have been wanting to blog about Thanksgiving for a while now but I have just run out of time. I also need to do a 35 week update so everyone bear with me as I combine a lot of random happenings into one post.
Thanksgiving was so nice and relaxing. Spent some much needed time with family and Derek. I couldn't have asked for anything better. We spent Thanksgiving afternoon with my mom's side of the family enjoying quite the feast. I was loving the stuffing, sweet potatoes, french silk pie and rolls this year. I couldn't get enough. Meat still makes me pretty sick and I knew the turkey wouldn't sit well with my pregnant body so I just skipped it all together. However I still had a rough night and later learned the french silk pie was made with raw eggs. ha So much for my good efforts.

This weekend was AMAZING! We seriously had a blast and still didn't get to accomplish everything we wanted to. Highlight of the weekend was The Killers concert. I believe I mention…