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Brooklyn's First Halloween!

We were so excited to move in to our house on the Saturday before Halloween. We got to take Brooklyn to trunk or treat, do some slight decorations, and hand out candy. Next year we'll have to carve pumpkins. I think Brooklyn will love all the slimy insides!  She's so interested in everything and I just imagine her curiosity will continue to grow as she does. She sure was a cute watermelon! 

Derek was a watermelon farmer. He was excited to have another occasion to wear his $2.00 authentic cowboy boots from Anza. 

These two are so cute together

When I took Brooklyn to Costco to pick out her costume she was so excited about this pink getup. Whenever I take it out she grabs it from me. It's made of fleece so I think she thinks it's a blanket. Who knows? That's just my guess.

Here they are walking from car to car at Trunk-or-Treat. Derek told everyone she could only have a piece of candy if she picked it up out of the bowl herself. ha She was a little shy at times but …

Baby B is 10 months

At least I am on top of updating Brooklyn's milestones. I am wanting to finish our moving story and then also talk about becoming first time homeowners. Some exciting things have been happening since we moved to Texas and we are really loving it.

Brooklyn at 10 months:

Got two more bottom teeth making her grand total 8! She is a crazy teether. She has gotten 6 teeth since moving to Texas and we've only been here 2 months. That's amazing. Those bottom two seemed more painful than the other 6 so I am glad they are in now. She can eat so much big food.

 Learned to wave goodbye, climb up stairs, and crawled (10/8)!! We were so happy to see her crawl finally. She's been doing that army crawl for months. Sometimes she still reverts back to that but she is loving this whole crawling business. 

She learned to wave bye-bye and give kisses which we just love. Since she isn't a big cuddler we love the affection she shows. She's be doing this thing lately where she is play…