Monday, March 25, 2013

Brooklyn's Real Newborn Photos

So we all saw recently how horrible we are at attempting to take newborn photos. I had a feeling they wouldn't turn out quite how we wanted so we prepared a back up plan. Bella Baby Photography has photographers in many states that will come to the hospital and take newborn photos. You can then view them online for two weeks afterwards. You can buy prints from there or a cd of all your images. Once I saw them online I knew I had to fork over the cash and buy the photos. They were just so sweet and really captured all of us in her first couple days of her life. She has grown and changed so much since then but I will always cherish these and how different she looked...and me. They aren't what you would think of with typical newborn photos (I have no make up on, she's not wearing a hat, and we don't have any extravagant baby props) but I love them still the same. I look at these and am instantly transported back to the hospital and all of the emotions I felt that day. Thank goodness someone had some skill with a camera. ha

 photo 3ff6a477-dd24-4867-b236-91422c4f7dfd_zps7bc080d3.jpg

 photo IMG_0937_zps907f0f3c.jpg

 photo IMG_0931_zps71198a6f.jpg
One of my favorite things about Brooklyn are her long finger. They make her such a lady 
 photo IMG_0930_zps36a9b6bd.jpg
Love them both
 photo IMG_0925_zps89359805.jpg

 photo IMG_0921-2_zps269f9d6e.jpg
She is my princess
 photo IMG_0920_zpsa3bb7cb0.jpg

 photo IMG_0916_zpscf40a8c8.jpg

 photo IMG_0915_zps09fe17cc.jpg
There are those long fingers I was talking about. She was so tiny!
 photo IMG_0913_zpsc0362c88.jpg
She also has long skinny feet. The fingers and feet are my traits...the ones no one notices. ha
 photo IMG_0909-2_zps34e571d7.jpg
Look at those nails! Such long nail beds. They'll be so fun to pain some day.
 photo IMG_0907_zpsa34b194c.jpg

 photo IMG_0903_zpsc10cc54b.jpg
Still to this day she always has one eye open until she decides to officially fall asleep. So cute. 
 photo IMG_0894_zpsbe19a322.jpg

 photo IMG_0893_zps56c8435b.jpg

 photo IMG_0892-2_zps27a47c07.jpg

 photo IMG_0880_zpsdfce1da6.jpg

We just love her. It's amazing to see how much she's grown in the past 11 weeks. We are constantly learning together and couldn't be happier about it.