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Tot School: Week 2

This weeks class was Music time. It was so much fun and the best part is the kids were all worn out by the end. Brooklyn is taking a great nap as I write. 

Here is how I set it up and what I did:
Pick out 15-20 songs that the kids will love. Make sure a lot of them have actions the children can learn to do. I will list all the songs I picked below.E-mail parents and ask them to bring an empty plastic water bottle and some scarves or ribbons.Purchase and blow up one balloon for each child.Set up "What's in My Basket" game. I filled up one easter egg for each child with something different. I used coins, pasta, marshmallows, cereal, rice, beans, etc. Anything I could find in my kitchen that would make noise when you shook the egg.  Each child gets to come pick one egg, shake it, and guess what's inside. Depending on your age group you can have them count how many of the objects are inside the egg. The kids each loved having their own turn.Then start off with a fun action…

Tot School: Week 1

A couple of weeks ago I was talking to some of my friends about starting some kind of regular class where we can get our kids together once a week to learn and play. As an added bonus, we all get to chat as well. That night I started researching different activities that are good for kids ages 18 months-3 years. I put together an 8 week schedule that will include different themes each week so that our children can be exposed to many different things. I couldn't wait to get started. I e-mailed my friends my ideas/schedule and once I knew who could participate I went shopping to pick up supplies. Everything I have needed so far I found at the Dollar Tree and Micheal's.

Today was our first class and it was a lot of fun. Our theme this week was animals. As everyone arrived I let them pick out a folder and decorate it. I also took a picture with the kids and their moms. We started by reading a couple of animal books I had on hand. The kids loved them because they were flap books an…