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Graduation in sight

2 more days..
So I am super excited. I am study for my last final and just taking it tonight from home. So excited. Then that's it. I am done. Derek and I have the whole day off tomorrow. Too bad he's been sick for the past four days. It's breaking my heart.
This semester has been great and I have learned so much. I should be getting all A's this semester. One class is still a mystery to me but either way I finally got it together my last semester. Go figure. It's like on a soon as you finally figure it all out you are sent home and put to work on figuring out the next task in life. Heavenly Father never lets you get to comfortable and for that I am grateful. I learn so much that way.
So now I sit, wait, clean, and pack until friday when my family and Derek's family come in to town to see my walk! Yeah!'s been a nice ride but I'm sooo ready to get off.

Coming up...

Tomorrow will be one week till graduation. Today I picked up my cap and gown. Today is Derek's last day of work and he gets to be at my beckon call during my last week of college. I just adore him for being the most wonderful husband. I love him dearly. Ok so here are the exciting things in a wrap up.
Things left to do: Research PaperPR finalEnglish finalCleanPackThings to look forward to: Yellowstone after graduationFirst week of August boating trip in Park City with my whole family! Third week in August trip to Hawaii with Derek's Family! (We'll miss you Cassie!)Done with school for foreverDerek all to myself without school or work getting in the way for a little while. II am so blessed. Life is wonderful.

Horseback Riding and Swimming

Two weekends ago Derek and I, with our great friend Robyn, decided to go on a little outing. We went horseback riding through the school. We were really excited to go but it ended up being a interesting situation. I stated to the helpers that I needed the best horse because I was going to be the worst rider. My horse was crazy. He didn't have shows so he would limp and really struggle on the gravel; put him on the grass and all he did was eat. My hands got raw from having to continually pull up the reigns. Then he would just gallop. Derek and Robyn's horses were great. The other down side was that the mosquitos were out of control. Derek got devoured. I felt so bad for him. Robyn and I suffered much less. All in all though it was a great time with just a few mishaps.
It was such beautiful day that we all decided to head to the Sand Bar after horseback riding to cool off and enjoy the sunshine. We picked up Robyn's sister Christie on the way. It was so much fun. The water wa…

Is it really July?

So I woke up this morning to the realization that it's July 1st. I started to stress and freak out, but only slightly. I graduate in 23 days. 23 days... There is so much to do between now and then. Being a communication major leaves me with presentations going out of control for the next two weeks...starting today. Let's see 2 in Conflict Management, 1 in PR writing and production, 1 in PR campaigns, 1 in Persuasion. 3 of these speeches/presentations include turning in a whole semester worth of work in a pretty little bound and graphically appealing book. Yeah we'll see how this all works out. On top of that 3 more papers and 2 more tests. One day at a time right?
Besides finishing up my school work there's work. I have 3 closing socials to plan and attend. This is in addition to my hours of meetings every week, almost everyday. Then packing up the whole entire house and moving back to home, which we're not sure where that is right now. Somewhere in t…