Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Photo Fail

So I never wanted to share these but as I looked over them the other day I realized I had too. They are just too funny not to share. Enjoy.

Before Brooklyn was born I was looking everywhere for a newborn photographer that wasn't outrageously expensive. I couldn't find one. I was willing to fork out whatever but Derek asked me if I was willing to spend that much on every child or just our first. After thinking about it we decided not to get professional newborn pictures taken and this is why...

On Black Friday we bought ourselves a DSLR camera. We have no idea how to use it but have enjoyed trying to figure it out together. Since we have a nice camera and newborn photographers are expensive we decided to try our luck at taking newborn photos of Brooklyn. I sit here thinking about it and just have to laugh. Next time I try this, I'll follow these tips:
  1. Research tips on how to successfully take newborn photos (ie keep the room really warm)
  2. Read the manual and tutorials on how to efficiently use our camera 
  3. Be willing to pay someone else to take them because it is hard work 
Ok so on to the photos of our eventful Saturday afternoon:

 photo IMG_1022_zps1fa96a66.jpg
Poor girl is just hating life
 photo IMG_1021_zpseb4f182c.jpg
At least we found cute props...
 photo IMG_1020_zps728bc2ac.jpg
Oh poor Brooklyn
 photo IMG_1019_zpsc45df42b.jpg
We obviously did this pose well. ha I do love her wrinkles though
 photo IMG_1018_zpsfc139c4a.jpg
Looking annoyed
 photo IMG_1017_zps2a800cfb.jpg
If only we learned to focus on her hand...not mine 
 photo IMG_1015_zps9572ab64.jpg
She has such cute feet
 photo IMG_1012_zpsddf99356.jpg
My sweet little girl
 photo IMG_1010_zpsf7351553.jpg
I don't even know...
 photo IMG_1009_zpsf903e200.jpg
Maybe she's hungry? ha
 photo IMG_1008_zpsa9370dc1.jpg
No, she's not picking her nose. Yes, she almost fell off...a lot
 photo IMG_1006_zps3102e779.jpg
She was so cold
 photo IMG_1005_zpsec4821f9.jpg
See my arm back there trying to hold her steady? 
 photo IMG_0979_zpsa4e9e598.jpg
Good news. I love this one. Mother and Daughter. Nothing more beautiful. 
So to all you newborn photographers out there I commend you for a job well done. It is not easy. From our other pictures you can tell we are improving but we still have a long ways to go. Kate, where were you when I needed you? ha (My friend Kate is an awesome photographer and loves to take pictures of the lovely NYC and her siblings cute kids.)

Until next time...


  1. At least you tried! Good work! The last one is precious- frame it. NOW!

  2. It is seriously not easy at all!!! But what I've found - I have tried to pose him, put fun backdrops, and just plan way too much... but the pictures I love the most is when I'm just snapping one when he's playing or the pictures on my phone. Yes, it would be nice to pay a professional to take pictures of each of the little ones as they come, but sometimes they are just touched up a little too much - and make your baby look like who they're not. I personally love these photos - she is perfect. :) And agreed - you need to put up that last picture in the house somewhere. Super cute. Love you.

  3. I went through the same struggle! I ended up forking over because I really wanted to pics. I actually kept an envelope in the kitchen starting when I was about six months pregnant and every time I went to the grocery store, I pulled out an extra $10 or $20 and put it in the envelope. By the time Emma was born I had enough for the photographer I wanted. And let me tell you, I think newborn photos are a real talent - I have the fancy camera and a degree in photojournalism and worked in photography in another career-life and I still didn't trust myself to take Emma's photos. Newborn photographers have a particular gift. If you ever want some basic tips on camera settings and such, just let me know! And I agree with previous posters, that photo of you and Brooklyn is precious and should be framed in your house!

  4. I'm a professional newborn and family photographer. When I first had my daughter I did exactly as you did. Flash forward years later (I am now a professional and was not then) I would do anything to go back and hire a professional newborn photographer. That experience was what drove my passion to pursue newborn photography. Many will work with your budget and allow you to make several payments. It never hurts to ask. www.shelbyoliverphotography.com