Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmastime is here & 36 week update

Last year around Christmas we were moving in to the ghetto of Provo and weren't able to get a Christmas tree until a couple of days before Christmas. This year I wanted to enjoy Christmas a little bit longer. No moving, no traveling, just Derek and I enjoying our last Christmas without a child. We are naturally excited to have her here with us next Christmas but it'll be nice to relax and enjoy one last holiday with just the two of us. We have been making it a priority to really cherish the time we have together.

Anyways, who knew Derek would be so picky about a tree? Last year we found one in a matter of minutes. Our 4th stop, at Lowe's, we finally found one we liked for a good price. I am loving the smell throughout my house. We are pretty excited that we got ourselves a Canon Rebel for Thanksgiving and have had fun experimenting with it...hence all the pictures.

I honestly have no idea why his mouth is green
The finished product. We really love how it turned out.
Makes our house feel like a home
Derek getting artsy with the camera
This is the wreath I made this past week. I had fun getting crafty. The garland is up next.
Here I am at 36 weeks
We are loving our camera!
So here is my 36 week update:

How Far Along: 36 weeks and 4 days
Size of the Baby: over 6 pounds perhaps and about 6.5 inches long
Weight gain/loss: I have to plead the 5th on this. I am retaining quite a bit of water right now and I have swelled up like a ballon in the last two weeks. It's quite depressing. 
Sleep: Just as I thought it couldn't get worse. ha I have found myself sleeping sitting up in the bed. I'd do that more often but it really hurts my neck. Just a couple more weeks and I can go back to sleeping on my back.
Best Moment of the Week: Getting our Christmas tree and spending the whole weekend with Derek. So excited for his semester to almost be over. He'll be so helpful those last couple of weeks before she's born. I am also loving how she responds every time Derek talks to her. It's so sweet. She really loves the sounds of his voice. Ok also this week we had such a fun time at my company holiday party. Sorry...I couldn't just pick one best moment.
Movement: Tons actually. I love trying to guess which body part is poking out of me. I know where her foot is, in my ribs, and I am pretty sure she sticks out her butt and knee quite often.
Symptoms: Pain. I have had quite a significant amount of pain since about 5.5-6 months of pregnancy (exercise would put me out of commission for 24 hours) but it has recently gotten even more out of control. I can't even cross my legs without assistance because of the intense pain in my hip bones and my lower abdomen. I had to laugh at myself last night as I felt like a turtle on their back. I couldn't get up off the ground with out Derek coming over to help me. Getting in and out of cars is the worst. I need a jeep or truck so I can get down out of the car. Anyways, I mostly just try to laugh at myself and how slow and pathetic I look. Good thing is that no one is judging me.
Food Cravings: I was craving Pizza Pie Cafe the other night. It sure was delicious. I love their dessert raspberry pizza.
Gender: Baby girl
Belly Button - In or Out?: Still in. Wondering if it'll ever pop.
Anything making you queasy or sick?: When I let myself get to the point where I am starving. I get super nauseous. Loving Tums though.  
Labor Signs: Tons of Braxton hicks. Who knew walking would become a difficult thing? It's so interesting to see all the different changes that happen to your body through pregnancy and I am sure even after.
What I Miss: I think you could probably make some guesses based on some of the things I've said above.
What I am looking forward to: Another birthing class this week, weekly appointments, and a breastfeeding class this weekend. All these things are helping me to feel more prepared. Also I have my work baby shower tomorrow and I am pretty excited for that.
Emotions: Good news. No crying fest or changing of outfit had to happen this Sunday. 

So there is only one more thing I wanted to mention. Every since this new found ultra pain set in I have been getting so many sad and sympathetic looks and sweet comments from strangers. I am not sure what to think of all of this as it mostly just makes me laugh. I know I must be looking pretty awesome to get sympathy from strangers...ha 


  1. Remember that one day in English class when you noticed me updating my blog, and you were like "You blog?" You know, in the back of the class not paying attention to Brother what's-his-name? And I'm pretty sure it was the next time we were back in that class and I leaned over and was like "You blog?"

  2. So cute and SO fun to have a nice camera!