Monday, April 30, 2012

Playing the Power Way

I have gotten so behind in posting about our adventures. I am leaving next week for another conference and I want to catch up before I leave again. Derek and I have been busy with school, finals, work, weddings, and traveling. Here are some pictures to recap.

Attended a wedding, bridal shower, and baby shower. That last picture is just an adorable one of my niece. She is just the cutest thing ever. I can't get enough of her.  Look at that red hair. Here is hoping I get to spend time with her and my new nephew this summer! He's due in about 3 weeks.

Bought myself some Coach sunglasses. Thanks to my fabulous insurance program I only had to pay $5.00. Yeah for not needing glasses so I can get myself some nice sunglasses. Getting classy!

We celebrated Easter. We had a huge feast at my parents house with a lot of her side of the family. Delicious food and great company. The weather was perfect so we couldn't help but take a picture after church.

For those who don't know, my mom is a fabulous seamstress. I was stressing out because I couldn't find a black dress anywhere for my best friends wedding. My mom made this little miracle of a dress. Truly, it was a miracle. She made it so quickly and I love it. So grateful for this fabulous dress.  I need to learn how to sew like my mom. My poor kids will probably be blessed with a hard to fit body like mine. I need to find a class...

Ok that's all for now. More to come!


  1. We are soooo hoping we'll get to see you guys soon! We should find out in the middle of this month. Cross your fingers! I'm still super jealous of that gorgeous dress. You look great!

  2. LOVE those glasses! :) and your niece is adorable!!

  3. You are smokin' in that black dress! We had so much fun with you guys last night. We're sure gonna miss you when we move!