Monday, April 2, 2012

Where We Live

Our cute little kitchen

This table was such a good buy. We love it!
So happy to have a bigger living room
Amsterdam Art
Van Gogh Art

Office space. We love having 2 bedrooms so I can work from home!
This bed was also a great find

Anyways we are so thrilled to be living in a place that is roach free and more spacious. There are nice little updated the landlord has put in to the place. He really takes care of his fourplex. In the front he has an evergreen and flower trees that really make it feel like a yard. He's a great landlord. One downside: The incredibly noisy neighbors and the train right down the street. I had Derek get me some earplugs to deal with those situations. Most of the time they work like a charm but those other times leave me exhausted.What happened to those days when i was a heavy sleeper? Oh yeah...the days of no sleeping in college always got me to sleep through my alarm for my 7:45 class.

I know the quality of the pictures isn't great but I wanted to take some after our spring cleaning and all I had on me was my phone. We are just loving our new space and plan on staying here until Derek graduates and we find out where life takes us after that.

DEREK GRADUATES IN ONE YEAR! I am so proud of him for all his hard work. Mechanical Engineering is not an easy major but it's fun to see him enjoy what he's learning. He has a great internship at Northrup Grumman where he gets to put his learning to use. So far he's loving all the high level security stuff that goes on there and is starting to feel like an engineer.


  1. We need to come see your new place and have a re-match on the Wii! It looks great! Good job on the spring cleaning - want to come clean my apt? ;)

  2. I love love love it! And I especially love your kitchen table, sooo cute! I can't wait to move into my first home and start adding my own touches. 2 weeks baby!!!!!!