Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Smell of Chlorine: Tribute to BYU-I swimming

It's amazing how a smell can trigger a memory to run through your mind. 

The smell of Derek's hair yesterday reminded me of picking out Pumpkins at Lomabardi's Pumpkin Patch. It is one of our favorite memories. That day was filled with new adventures, beautiful fall weather, and fall baking. Yesterday I got to relive that moment because of a smell. What a powerful sense, one I am truly grateful for. Without it I fear I would loose too many memories.

There is one smell that brings back memories from childhood to college. Chlorine. I've been around it and in it my whole entire life. So many happy and competitive memories come back with the smell of chlorine in the air. At Gold's Gym the other day I got to smell chlorine and relive many great memories.
  • Waiting out the thunderstorms of swim meets in CA
  • Being a Sycamore Stingray and a Woodland Wave
  • Getting lost in the parade our swim team participated in as a little girl
  • Breaking my big toe at a swim meet
  • Winning medals and ribbons
  • Early summer morning in the pool
  • High School swim meets
  • BYU-Idaho swimming: Swimming at BYU-Idaho contains some of my favorite college memories. It's where I met some of my greatest friends and learned great leadership skills.
  • Working out with Jackie at the Orem Rec Center
  • Pasta dinners the night before a meet
I could go one forever but don't want to bore those of you who think swimming people are weird and cult-ish...ha You know who you are. 

I'll have to look for some pictures of swim team in my younger years but here are some awesome highlights from BYU-Idaho.  There are quite a few but... I did swim there for many semesters.

Being a coach
Coaches and Coordinators from 2009
Post swim meet fun: Jamba Juice
Swim Team Dance Parties
Post Swim Championship Dance Party
Swim Meets!
haha this is from 2006 when I was the swim coordinator
Yes, he is in a girls swim suit
Love these girls
My first team at BYU-I.
With my friend Mike
Swimming Spirit Parties the night before a meet
Swim Team Banquet
Swim Team Banquet
These pictures cover the highlights from 2004-2009. So grateful for this program. I made wonderful friends, had too much fun, gained leadership skills, and felt at home. Thanks to everyone who made so many years full of fun and great times.

Also, Here is to the 2012 Summer Olympics. Can't wait. I am beyond excited. Time to stock up on Gatorade and clear my schedule. Derek will get to see a new side of me. My summer Olympics side...ha It'll help him get excited for when our children become swimmers. They'll be so cute with their blonde hair and blue eyes.


  1. Love this post! I can't wait for Dallin to be a swimmer too... Ryan still thinks he'll be a runner. Not happening. :) And yes, you're going to have really cute kids!

  2. you mean green hair and blue eyes???? :) hey hey! i got a shout out! we do need to swim together more often. oh the memories of BYU-Idaho swimming. I sure miss it. Those were the best times of my college experience too - I wish I had more semesters of it like you did!

  3. I have a testimony of the BYUI swim program.

  4. LOVE this. Chlorine is hands down the best smell in the world. I die when I smell chlorine and sunscreen. Best memories ever.

  5. Love the pictures! I always think back to my BYU-I swimming days. They really were the best. We should all get together again!

  6. Send anyone who thinks swimmers are cultish my way. I'll take care of 'em:) I wish you lived close so we could go swimming together!

  7. Isn't it so funny how smell can bring us back to a specific time and place?! Fun swimming memories you have!

  8. Oh soooo many memories ha. love it. Wish we could live it all over again.