Thursday, July 25, 2013

SLC Farmers Market: Disaster in the Making

So after weeks of begging I finally tricked Derek in to attending the SLC Farmers Market. I've always wanted to go and have heard great things about it. Plus I happen to be a huge fan of farmers markets. I thought over the years that Derek had started to like them to. Our trip is one I always want to remember and forget at the same time.

So I had finished feeding Brooklyn and we got ready and headed down but that took longer than expected so I knew I was going to have to feed Brooklyn at the Farmers Market. I packed some water for her and we were on our way. We found parking pretty easy and managed traffic just fine. Once there we started to slowly walk around and we weren't minding the heat too much. Then Brooklyn was getting hungry so we found a shady spot on the grass and sat down. We went to change her diaper and she had pooped. Naturally. Well wouldn't you know that we forgot our diaper changing pad which had all the wipes. So we had some tissues and used them by getting them a little wet. It was horrible. I got some loveliness on my hand and on her blanket. She kept trying to roll around every where. While we were searching for tissues she peed all over the place and it got on her new diaper and my hand. Good time were had. Once that disaster was over I went to feed her. The girl was so distracted by everything that was going on she didn't want to eat. We did our best and then headed out to find some goods and a hand washing station.

As we are walking around it is getting so hot and for those of you who know Derek, he hates to be hot. We took Brooklyn out of her stroller so she wouldn't over heat but she didn't have a hat on so that didn't last long. (One of my many fails for the days.) Then while Derek is in the restroom Brooklyn spits up all over her outfit because she swallowed so much air drinking out of her straw sippy cup. So at this point Derek is on that edge of quitting this experience all together and he steps on a piece of gum that gets all over his flip flops and the back of his heel. At that point he looks at me and says, "That's it. I am done. We are leaving." haha He also doesn't like dirty feet so that in combination with extreme temperatures (100 degrees) he was so over this little day trip of ours. We wrapped up quickly after that. Brooklyn was so hot she was upset. She didn't enjoy the water we were pouring over her face to keep her cool and  she was over tired. We finally made it back to our car with some fresh baked bread and local honey. We were so hot and gross that on our drive home we treated ourselves to frozen hot chocolates from DQ. I think after all the awkward happenings of that day, I think we deserved it. Derek and Brooklyn were such troopers.

Next time we venture out I think it'll be fall when it's a bajillion degrees cooler and I'll make sure not to forget the wipes. You've got to love the experiences of being a new mom. One awkward moment after another. ha


  1. Ha! I can totally relate to this, and for us, those are some of our favorite memories to laugh about. (Sadly, that doesn't make them less awkward when you are living through them. ;) )

  2. Yep, one learning experience after another.

  3. I always forget something... good job treating yourself, totally deserved it