Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Just Our Luck

So Derek and I tend to be lucky people. I never really noticed it until my mother pointed it out the other day. We tend to win a lot of free stuff and I am not even sure how it happens.

I am always that person who wants to win things. I think it's fun and exciting and gives you opportunities to do or have things that you wouldn't have spent the money on yourself. For most of my life I haven't won free things and it has only been recently that things having started to come my way. I remember being at our HS grad night for all the seniors and wishing I would win of the cool prizes. No such luck. Grateful that my luck has changed, for now.

Win #1:
Sevendust tickets. I was getting ready for my band concert, I cool, and I was listening to the local rock station in Appleton, WI. They had a contest to win tickets to see Sevendust in Milwaukee so I called up and actually won! Did I go? No! I didn't have many friends who liked "hardcore" music and I wasn't too familiar with them either. Did I pick up the tickets anyways? Of course. It was the first thing I had won. I had to have proof. What did I do that night? Went to a church dance. I am cool to the max.

Win #2:
Tickets to Kirby Heybourne. I had just pulled in to my work parking lot after a lunch break. That weekend Derek and I had plans to go on a "babymoon". Kirby was in town doing a comedy show and I love comedy so I called in to win. I won...obviously since this is what the post is about. ha I had my parents run to Trolley Square and pick up the tickets. Now since we already had plans and Derek didn't seem interested in going I told my family to use them. Did they? No. Oh well.

Win #3:
Justin Bieber. My biggest win yet! I mean I won two tickets to Justin Bieber. I was dirving home from work and called in to win these. The problem here is that I had just won those Kirby tickets less than 6 months before from the same radio station so I wasn't sure if I could win another prize. I thought I would try anyways. When they said I was the winner I told them my name was Martha Ellsworth. I just panicked and that is what came out of my mouth. Anyways, since these tickets were in high demand I had to show a drivers license to pick these up. I asked my sister to text me a picture of her DL. She did. Derek printed it off and picked up the tickets. They weren't too happy that it was a copy but they handed the tickets over anyways! Did I go? No! haha Is this my trend or what? In my defense it was 2 days after my due date. I knew if Brooklyn wasn't already born the last thing I would want to be doing was getting my grove on a a JB concert. So what did we do? We sold those tickets for $230.00 and bought some stuff for Brooklyn. Part of me wishes I could've gone and screamed like a teenage girl but it just wasn't in the cards for me.

Win #4:
Covered Goods. So I have seen these new nursing covers everywhere and I have wanted one so badly. This blog, Hello Little Scout, was hosting a give away for one of these covers a couple of weeks ago. I entered and I won. Guys I am so excited about this. New mom much? ha But really it'll be so handy and useful. I fully look forward to getting it in the mail. It truly is Christmas in July. This is the one thing so far that I will actually use.

Now Derek has only one win so far and I don't even know the whole back story but basically he won a snowboard off of a radio station in CA. That's how he decided to learn to snowboard. He has some catching up to do but it was a snowboard after all...ha Maybe he wins?


  1. Can you enter something for me?? I never win anything! Share the luck, girl ;)

  2. I enter things constantly and never win! It's a major bummer. Still, I'm glad you could win the Covered Goods giveaway! Can't wait to hear how you like it!

    1. You will win someday! I never win blog stuff or Instagram stuff except for this. Switch over to radio!

  3. You have to tell me if you like that covered goods thing, okay?

  4. wow that's awesome. You have sorta motivated me to enter all the contests!

  5. LUCKY! LUCKY! LUCKY! I never win anything! :)