Tuesday, November 6, 2012

CA and Baby Shower

So I have every intention of watching the election results tonight but I just can't do hours of the talking about it. I like to tune in when things get closer. I don't do well with all that will they, won't they. Too stressful. All I know is that I was excited to vote today. Once I got to the right building I was able to walk in and out. No lines for me. From talking to others I seem to be more of an exception. It's always fun to get involved with something so American if that makes any sense. Even though we all differ in opinions I still feel united with other Americans in our right to vote and be a part of this process.

Ok enough of that. I wanted to blog about our trip to California and my first baby shower. What a fun weekend. It all went by too fast. Our only plans were to spend time with family. It was so nice to catch up. It had been over a year since the entire Power family had been together. Since we won't be traveling during Christmas we wanted to fit in one more trip before our baby girl comes. We got to spend time with a lot of Derek's extended family as well. It was so nice to see all of them and catch up. We were able to sing happy birthday to Anne Marie and Derek. Derek and I were feeling so loved and blessed while we were there. Everyone is so excited for our little girl to come and we could tell that all of his family is supportive of her and our family. 

These next pictures were taken right after arriving in Burbank. Man oh man that flight seemed to take forever. My legs were so restless and the plane was so small I could barely stand it. Anyways since we arrived late at night there can be no judging of the following pictures. I did my best. 

Me and Anne Marie
With Derek's parents. (You can see the discomfort on my face. My body was in a lot of pain.)

Ok so this collage is from my baby shower which was a blast. Anne Marie, Cassie, and Samantha threw it for me. The food was delicious and the decorations were so cute. Samantha put cute designs on white onesies and Cassie made pink tutu's for all of them. They were hung on a clothes line and were too cute for words. I had such a fun time catching up with all the ladies that have supported us since my engagement to Derek. They are all wonderful and gave tones of great advice for a new mom like me. Thank you Anne Marie, Cassie, and Samantha for this. It was wonderful.
This is where you can notice that the my cheeks have started to grow. Oh what a joy! I am doing my best.

Sunday afternoon we quickly rushed home from church to take some family pictures for Christmas cards and such. I think we captured some great ones and I wanted to share just a few. The Power/Pastor Clan is made up of good looking people and I am so lucky to be a part of it.
The ladies. Love this picture.
Group shot.
The cute siblings. 
Anyways to summarize...we had a blast. So sad we couldn't spend more then a long weekend there but we made the best of all our time. Derek even had an interview while out there for a job after graduation. That was exciting and he did a great job. While he was there Samantha and I had too much fun shopping at this awesome two-story target and trying on expensive jeans at Nordstroms. She was a trooper and didn't even mind that I walk at a snails pace. Thanks for everything! Can't wait to see most of you at the end of December!


  1. I dont know what you're talking about... i think you look AMAZING!! I'm glad you had a good shower and a good trip

  2. You do look amazing! James calls pregnancy "celestial mode" haha It doesn't feel so celestial but it is amazing.