Thursday, October 25, 2012

Happy Birthday & 30 Weeks

So I am not even sure exactly where I left off on blogging but I do know what I need to update on when returning home from this business trip.
  • Weekend getaway to California and my baby shower!
  • Trip to NYC...last business trip of the year!
I'll get to that soon but first of all I want to wish a Happy Birthday to my sweet husband Derek. Today is his 26th birthday. I am sad to be out of town so I made sure that he had presents before I left. He opened one of them while we were in California. I got us tickets to see The Killers and Tegan and Sara on November 30th. We are pretty excited to go.

Then on Tuesday I had him open up the rest of his gifts. Just small things I knew he would enjoy. Hope you're having a fabulous birthday Derek! Don't freeze to death in the snow! I am so lucky to have you in my life and our little girl is so blessed to have a good dad already.

He loves sweets!
Ok so on to my pregnancy update. I totally missed 29 weeks so this will be a combination of how things have been going the past couple of weeks.

My new maternity skirt from Target. So comfortable. Perfect outfit to fly in.

How Far Along: 30 weeks today
Size of the Baby: 15.7 inches long, 3 pounds...comparable to a head of cabbage apparently 
Weight gain/loss:9 pounds...but more likely 11 now or something. I guess it's pretty normal to be gaining a pound a week. We'll see when I go in for my 32 week appointment. 
Sleep: It's been better actually since I have been traveling. No trains. My legs and hips have been waking me up. They are going numb. Weird.
Best Moment of the Week: Two things: When we were in CA Derek and I were laying in bed and she started kicking for him a lot and he just fell asleep with his hand on my belly...feeling her kick. It was so sweet. He'll be such a good daddy. The other thing was yesterday after my trip. The flight was long. My car reservation at the airport was messed up. Our luggage was delayed. All these things just caused my body to be uncomfortable and stressed. Finally I got to the hotel and as soon as I put up my feet and relaxed she went crazy. She was actually kicking so hard and so often that she was moving my arm and hand upside down. It was the strongest I have ever felt her. It was wonderful and I was able to know she was ok. She just wanted her mommy to relax for a second before she could let me know.
Movement: See above. Her movement is always the best moment. I love knowing she's ok and growing strong in there.
Symptoms: Ok so I have had a lot of back pain and hip pain for a couple of months but last week it got out of control. Every time I stood up I would almost fall over. No joke. It was crazy. Everything was in so much pain. I could barely walk. That went from like Thursday to Monday. Now it is just kind of off and on. Taking baths and stretching helps a little but I am just glad it hasn't stayed on permanently. 
Food Cravings: Nothing really besides liquid. Green beans. Cottage cheese. Pears. Smoothies. Things of that nature.
Gender: Girl..
Belly Button - In or Out?: still in and stretched
Anything making you queasy or sick?: Food to a certain extent is making me sick.
Labor Signs: No.
Wedding ring on or off: Fingers are still super swollen. You should've seen my hands and feet after the flight. Yikes!
What I Miss: Nothing at the moment really. Just feeling blessed to have her growing inside me.
What I am looking forward to: Meeting her. Seeing Derek interact with her. Baby showers!
Nursery: Well we don't really have anything set up but it is starting to get stuff. After our baby shower in CA we brought back a lot of goodies. We were so spoiled and it was so much fun. Now our second bedroom is just starting to get crowded. I don't know what we are going to do. 
Emotions: Fine. Terrified if I think too much about things.
Stupid things I have done: Push myself to hard when my body isn't up to it. I really pay for that shortly after.

Crazy to think my next update will enter us in to the single digits of when our baby girl will be born. Too much to think about. We did just register for a birthing class so hopefully that will help us get more mentally prepared for this situation. 

Now I need to find something to eat so I'll update on more things later! 


  1. Love the skirt. I would wear it every day. I'm glad you got it when you got back to Utah.

  2. Love this post. Happy Birthday Derek! You guys are getting so close to holding that little angel in your arms! I miss the feeling of a baby kicking in my belly so much, soak it in. I do not miss the terrible hip pain and siatic nerve issues. Happy 30 weeks!

  3. sweets and ET! sounds like a very happy birthday for your husband. and i love your adorable outfit and your adorable 30 week belly. :)

  4. Happy birthday, Derek! And Happy 30 weeks, Laura! :)