Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Feeling blessed

Derek and I are truly blessed. We feel so overcome with gratitude and love. Thanks to all of you for your love, support and excitement through the pregnancy and my recent promotion. We have such great family and friends. Thank you.

While I am on the subject of blessings I would like to mention that is hast been such a blessing not to travel in a while. I have traveled at least once/month since February this year. It has been a blast and I love it but I didn't realize how much I love being here with Derek on the weekends. I haven't had to travel the whole month of September and won't start traveling again until next weekend. Thank goodness that's a fun trip to CA for Derek's birthday and his mom's birthday. We are pretty excited. The whole Power family will be together. First time since Cassie's wedding. Then it's off to NYC. That will be a work trip but I am more than excited for the following reasons:
  • Kate! She's the best. I get to visit her while I am there which is always a good time.
  • Robyn, Juli, and Heather! They are flying out while I am out there and we are sharing a hotel room which is looking pretty nice if I do say. We will have so much fun exploring NYC in the fall
  • Aunt Lori and Uncle Joe. I am hoping I get to see them while I am out there. I got to see them last time I was in NY and then Lori this summer and it was so much fun. I actually fly in on her birthday. I should really get on contacting them and planning things. I just am now realizing this trip is approaching faster than I thought.
After this trip to NYC I will be done traveling for the year. Thank goodness for that. I'll get back from NYC and I'll be almost 31 weeks pregnant. I don't know how I will handle all of the traveling I have left but I don't think I could do anymore after that. Wish me luck.

Ok so back to my original point...being home and spending time with Derek. We have really taken advantage of the weekends we have and this one was no exception. 

Derek's 1st BYU Football Game
Isn't he the best?
Finally broke out a long sleeve shirt
Supporting the Cougars...well at least Derek was
Got to watch Hocus Pocus on Saturday night with the fam
Sunday morning was filled with lots of baking. Well it really all started Saturday night. We made cherry cobblers and apple crisp. So delicious. It was followed Sunday by Pumpkin Waffles with the best homemade caramel syrup, Asian salad, and a chocolate raspberry cake for my dad's birthday. Everything was delicious.

Happy Birthday Dad! Glad we are replacing that phone with the iPhone 5!

Ok just a few more from our Friday night BYU Football adventures:

It got cold on those bleachers
Fun dip. It had been so long since I had one of these. They are too much.
Derek was trying to show me his blue teeth from his fun dip
Well we can't wait for this weekend. Should be a fun time and we'll enjoy checking more things off of our fall bucket list. Until next time...


  1. YUM! You can come cook for me anytime! :)

  2. YAY!! Can't wait for you to come! Ps that cake looks delicious!

  3. Fun Dip! Haha! I ate that while I was pregnant. So fantastically disgusting :) Miss You! So glad things are going well for you!

  4. We were at the same game! Fun times. My first one too :)

  5. Looks like tons of fun! You two are SO SO CUTE! :)