Saturday, November 5, 2011


So Derek and I really slacked on Halloween this year. He's been so busy with school work that we don't always have a lot of time to celebrate things in a HUGE way.  However, we did take time to
celebrate just a little.

So a friend of mine works for the Provo Parks and Rec department as an event planner and every year they put on a Halloween Carnival. We wanted to go and support her even thought we found out when we got there that it is mostly for families with little children. Oh well. We made our own fun. You can guarantee that we were the tallest people walking around the cake walk but we didn't care. We had fun. There was a haunted house and a magic show. We only stayed for an hour or so and then were planning on going to a Halloween part in a huge house in Lindon, Utah. Unfortunately, on our way there our phone died with the directions so we just went back home and danced to the Monster Mash and watched Ghostbusters. 

On Sunday we also had some friends over for a game night and we served them with some warm apple crisp and vanilla ice cream. That was a lot of fun as well. I had all my cute Halloween decorations up so it was fun to have people over. 

Since we were slacking on Halloween our costumes aren't anything to brag about either. We did the best we could with the stuff we had in our closet. I am a witch, kind of, and Derek is a pumpkin.
My scarf cape. Quite clever...

Derek as an angry pumpkin.

In front of the Nightmare Before Christmas Display at the carnival.
There was an actual person dressed up as Jack the Skeleton from
the movie but the line was so long for picture taking.
 Hope you all had a happy Halloween!

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  1. I love that you still did the cake walk haha :) By the way there is a giveaway for 3 cute toiletry bags on my blog, so take a look if you want! I'd love for you to enter!