Saturday, November 5, 2011

Derek's Golden Birthday

So on October 25 we celebrated Derek's 25th Birthday! finally my husband is as old as me for a couple of weeks. Helps me not feel so much older than him for a little bit.

So it started the Sunday before with dinner at my family's house. We had a nice dinner and delicious chocolate birthday cake. We didn't have any candles so we just put some number candles together to add up to 25. Classy. I know. 

Looking excited!
So for his actual birthday we went to a Brazilian restaurant, Tucano's, to celebrate. We first went here for Valentine's Day and just loved it. Their lemonades are to die for. Derek loves the all your can eat meat aspect which I don't mind because it's something i feel he can eat a lot of. They go around when the cube is green and they slice of little pieces of BBQ chicken, brisket, steak, and grilled pineapple. As soon as you turn your cube over to red they will stop bringing you meat. There is also a fresh all you can eat salad bar which is nice for me. I can only handle so much meat.

Birthday Dinner
After we got home he went to opening presents. I was so excited to watch him open up all his gifts. I tried really hard to find fun, small things that he would really enjoy. With more small things you get to open more presents. I got him the Back to the Future trilogy on Blu Ray and Home Alone 1&2 on Blu Ray also. Then his favorite salt and vinegar chips he had been craving, Reese's Peanut Butter Pumpkins, and a Fact O Pedia book. Those of you who know Derek understand that his mind is constantly full of random information he picks up from the History Channel, Discovery Channel, or through books. I thought we could add to this knowledge with a Fact O Pedia book. It's been fun to read through together. Already we've learned a lot about the element Neon. ha He also got cards from Grandpa Power, Tutu Larry and Kathy, and his parents.

Isn't he adorable? Oh the many faces of Derek...
 So now it's time to bring on the rest of the crazy months ahead. Starting in September with my family and Derek's there are tons of birthdays, then Derek's, mine, Thanksgiving, Christmas, our anniversary, and then we'll finish it off in February on Valentine's Day. Here is to a fun and busy couple of months!

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