Thursday, November 10, 2011

26th Birthday Celebration!

So here are some photos in no particular order but they sure do capture all the joy that I
had on my birthday! Derek did so well on all my gifts. He was taking notes the past couple months when we were shopping and everything he got me was on my "list".  Ok. I don't really have one but I would mention things I like and he took notice. He's so wonderful.He really did a great job making my birthday so special. He wanted to make sure he showed me just how much he appreciates and loves me. Mission accomplished.

Love you Robyn! This letter 100% made my day.

This was especially nice. This has been such a hard week for me, mostly with work. I got an e-mail calling me down to the front desk and these were sitting there waiting. They're just beautiful. It really made my day.

HiChews! This is my favorite Korean candy. So good!
Save the best for last. Derek got me an iPhone 4s!
 Unfortunately, the precious phone is on back order so who knows when I'll actually get it. I am hoping before Thanksgiving! Thanks Derek!

My co-workers made it a great day as well. They made me a hilarious Photoshopped birthday card, made me a diet friendly cake, a balloon with candy, let me come down and chat with them during work (Thanks Olivia), and just made me laugh. I also got a sweet card and gifts from Derek's family and his Grandpa Power, and the Tutu's. Then later that night I got a special visit from my friend Jackie. She came to bring me a present and wish my happy birthday. It was nice to see her and catch up. She's such a great friend.

I felt so loved yesterday and it was exactly what I needed. This whole week I was secretly wishing my birthday would be next week because it had started off to be such a bad week. Thank goodness my birthday was exactly what I needed.

It was a busy day and I still have lots of phone calls to return. Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday via text, phone call, cards, flowers, and Facebook. All of it made my day.

Here's it to 26! One step closer to 30! ha

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