Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Picture To Share

This was our first attempt at engagement pictures. There are a few we ended up really liking. Anyways, I was looking through them today and decided to share one of them because these were taken during my pre-blogging days.

Good thing, this picture inspires me to get in shape for summer. I was quite a bit thinner before getting married. Time to get back to there. The weather is getting nicer and then fruit is coming in season. My back is almost healed, well kinda, so I can start doing moderate exercise. I am excited to get back to being active. It's been a hard couple of months not being able to exercise.

Here's To Summer:


  1. Oh Laura, I love keeping up with your blogging self! I wish I could have met your husband. Maybe someday!

  2. Oh the pre-blogging days...I remember when you created this in our English class. Haha Brother Brugger!