Thursday, July 8, 2010

Horseback Riding and Swimming

Two weekends ago Derek and I, with our great friend Robyn, decided to go on a little outing. We went horseback riding through the school. We were really excited to go but it ended up being a interesting situation. I stated to the helpers that I needed the best horse because I was going to be the worst rider. My horse was crazy. He didn't have shows so he would limp and really struggle on the gravel; put him on the grass and all he did was eat. My hands got raw from having to continually pull up the reigns. Then he would just gallop. Derek and Robyn's horses were great. The other down side was that the mosquitos were out of control. Derek got devoured. I felt so bad for him. Robyn and I suffered much less. All in all though it was a great time with just a few mishaps.

It was such beautiful day that we all decided to head to the Sand Bar after horseback riding to cool off and enjoy the sunshine. We picked up Robyn's sister Christie on the way. It was so much fun. The water was freezing but we all double dared each other to get it. The only way we accomplished this task was by jumping into the river from the diving board. You'll see the pictures in a second. Derek was the only brave enough one to get in from the water slide. It was beautiful scenery and it was everyone's first time but mine. As much as I have really come to hate Idaho I can't deny the beauty the summers hold. There's almost no better place. Great weather and beautiful outdoor scenery and so many fun things to do.

Ok enjoy the pictures. They always help tell a story better:

Love the Sand Bar!
Love my Smith's!
On the diving board.
Our one brave soul
That water was freezing when he hit it.
I love my husband

Me and my ridiculous horse
Robyn with her awesome horse
Derek with his well-behaved horse
Right before we climbed the gate to our adventure
Heading to the trail!

Hope you all are enjoying your summer! And btw...i graduate in 15 days. :)

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  1. Hi Laura!!! What's up?? We didn't know that you have a blog!! Looks like you had fun swimming and horseback riding. We can't wait to see more pictures. Love the pics.
    Love Emma and Kaydee