Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Graduation in sight

2 more days..

So I am super excited. I am study for my last final and just taking it tonight from home. So excited. Then that's it. I am done. Derek and I have the whole day off tomorrow. Too bad he's been sick for the past four days. It's breaking my heart.

This semester has been great and I have learned so much. I should be getting all A's this semester. One class is still a mystery to me but either way I finally got it together my last semester. Go figure. It's like on a soon as you finally figure it all out you are sent home and put to work on figuring out the next task in life. Heavenly Father never lets you get to comfortable and for that I am grateful. I learn so much that way.

So now I sit, wait, clean, and pack until friday when my family and Derek's family come in to town to see my walk! Yeah!'s been a nice ride but I'm sooo ready to get off.

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