Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Tot School: Week 1

A couple of weeks ago I was talking to some of my friends about starting some kind of regular class where we can get our kids together once a week to learn and play. As an added bonus, we all get to chat as well. That night I started researching different activities that are good for kids ages 18 months-3 years. I put together an 8 week schedule that will include different themes each week so that our children can be exposed to many different things. I couldn't wait to get started. I e-mailed my friends my ideas/schedule and once I knew who could participate I went shopping to pick up supplies. Everything I have needed so far I found at the Dollar Tree and Micheal's.

Today was our first class and it was a lot of fun. Our theme this week was animals. As everyone arrived I let them pick out a folder and decorate it. I also took a picture with the kids and their moms. We started by reading a couple of animal books I had on hand. The kids loved them because they were flap books and they got to discover what animal was hiding underneath and making different sounds. We sat on a blanket in our front room with all the kids close by so they could help me open up all the flaps on the book. After that we moved to the kitchen for some animal crafts. We made a peek a book barn craft and then created some 2D animals using different materials. We glued cotton balls on the sheep, yarn on the horse, and a pink pipe cleaner on the pig. The kids all colored and glued and seemed to be having a lot of fun. As the kids finished they left the table to go play with all of the toys while the moms chatted. I am looking forward to this for the next 8 weeks. It'll get us through till the holiday season!

Here are a few pictures of our set up for the day so you can get an idea of what we did:

They will keep all their projects here so that we can make an All About Me book at our closing social.

Here are some pictures of Brooklyn on her first day of tot school. I think she loved it!

 Every week I hope to share about all the fun adventures Brooklyn is having in Tot School.


  1. Such a great idea!! I will be definitely be checking in each week to see what yall did!

  2. GIrl, you are amazing! This sounds awesome!!!

  3. This is so cute! I want to do something like this! LOVE!