Tuesday, September 3, 2013

8 months already?

I seriously can't believe B is already 8 months old. This last month just flew by. With getting sick, moving, and trying to enjoy our last days in Utah, life was pretty busy. Brooklyn is such a happy and beautiful baby. She has done so well this last week after being in the car for three days and being dragged everywhere. She continue to impress me everyday. She's so smart and flexible. She is so happy and patient. I learn so much from her everyday. I learn more and more everyday why Christ teaches us to become like a child. I hope I teach her a thing or two during this process...ha 

Here's what she's been up to:

- Perfecting her army crawl. She's so much faster. 
- Became a momma's girl. Ever since she had the flu she has been wanting to be held and paid attention to by me. I find it to be so sweet. 
- Loves eating her solid foods. Her appetite has increased quite a bit.
- She can get her belly up off the ground. 
- Talking tons and tons. She just babbles all day long, especially when trying new foods. Se makes the cutest noises and they are starting to sound more like words.
- She got her 3rd tooth on 8/27 and her 4th is on its way to breaking through any day now.
- Traveled to Az, Tx, Nm, and Co. She is becoming quite the traveler.
- Went on her 1st road trip and moved away from where she was born.  She's a Texan now!
- Tried avocado, watermelon, pineapple, cantaloupe, puffs, yogurt bites, and Ice Cream. Obviously the ice cream was BlueBell. Wouldn't start her on anything but the best.
- Uses her feet like a second pair of hands. It's pretty funny. She's such a silly girl. 
- Says momma with meaning. This really just came about yesterday that I noticed. She was so tired and just wanted her mom. She started crawling towards me while saying momma. It melted me heart. She used it all throughout the day when she wanted me. Best. Day. Ever.

Isn't she cute?

Reading in the park with her daddy
Playing in the boxes while we pack
No. She's not eating the bag...just the basket
In her sweetie pie onesie
Putting everything in her mouth. That's my teething baby!
Cousin love!
Enjoying being out of the carseat and enjoying the four corners
She didn't wan to be put down while I was making dinner
Enjoying our last swim at great grandma and grandpas pool
Goofing around

Sleepy ladies. She loves hanging out on Grandma Ellsworth's lap.
Chewing on more stuff
Learning to feed herself. This was her first taste of Cheerios. Haha
My snugly baby

Sadly I can't take her 8 month pictures and post them since our computer isn't setup in our hotel room. Thanks to the ipad I can get this out! More information on our road trip to Texas soon. It sure was an adventure.


  1. I am so glad you posted this to Facebook! I love all of the cute B Pictures. Especially the her snuggling her mom! Adorable!

  2. Aaahhhh!!! She is getting so big so fast. What a gorgeous little girl.

  3. You look so happy, and she is so adorable and also very happy. Go, girl!

  4. I know, right!? It goes SO fast!! Enjoy every little moment with them :)