Monday, September 24, 2012

Welcome to Fall

So fall officially started on Saturday so I find it only fitting to write about our fall activities from the weekend. Not all are fall related mind you but we had such a fun weekend. I am so grateful that Derek is being great at organizing his time between school and his two jobs so that we can spend some time together before the baby comes. Take a look at our weekend full of fun.

{Derek all dressed up for the career fair}
{Chalk The Block Festival at The Riverwoods}
{The UP House} 
{Oktoberfest at Snowbird}
{Derek was loving the German food}
{Best sauerkraut he's ever had. Way to go German's in Utah}
{Listening to the Alperhorns. They were awesome!}
{My mom, the fun German teacher, and Nate getting in on all the Polka action}
{Paula Deen's Peach Cobbler. Delicious}

Ok so here is my pregnancy update section:

We actually took some nicer pictures this weekend. I am glad I have these to capture my belly growth. People are still saying I don't look very pregnant but I can definitely tell me belly has grown. This outfit happens to showcase the belly more than some but I still think I am to the point where I look pregnant. I don't be the judge. 

How Far Along: 25 weeks 4 days in the picture below
Size of the Baby: I am not super good on knowing all of this but I think...a squash and 1.5 pounds
Weight gain/loss: Lets be honest, I don't way myself weekly. So last week it was 5 pounds gained total. We'll see next time I head to the doctors. Trying to eat as healthy as possible and take walks whenever I can.
Sleep: I FINALLY GOT A BODY PILLOW! Thanks to Rick I am able to sleep better than I was before. Every year for Derek's dads birthday he gives gifts to his family members. For his birthday this year he got me a body pillow. I am in love with it. Thank you Rick! Best. Gift. Ever. Hopefully you like yours as much!
Best Moment of the Week: Finally feeling her move. She was pretty quiet there for a couple of days and I was starting to get worried. I finally felt some good movement from her yesterday. 
Movement: Off and on. I just always love to feel her move when she does.
Symptoms: I have had the worst back pain develop this past week. It almost feels like I am about to strain my SI joint again but on the other side of my back. Derek has been helpful with all of my pain.
Food Cravings: What is it with pregnant woman and ice cream? Really though. I love it. And still milk and water. I can never get enough liquid. I am drinking at least 80 fl oz a day and still feel dehydrated. Ridiculous. 
Gender: Still a baby girl. :)
Belly Button - In or Out?: Such a weird question but still in.
Anything making you queasy or sick?: The fish my dad decided to make for him, Derek and Stephen last night. Almost killed me. 
Labor Signs: Nope.
Wedding ring on or off: Was able to wear it one day this week when it was a little colder! 
What I Miss: Loosing weight. I know that sounds weird but I enjoy being healthy and reaching my weight loss goals. Looking forward to getting back to it after she's born.
What I am looking forward to: Having my new hire start on Monday. Should make work more bearable
Nursery: Skip.
Emotions: Pretty decent. Just extremely tired. I can barely make it to 9:30 without wanting to pass out on the couch.
Stupid things I have done: Not sure this qualifies as stupid but I did have a moment of panic last night. Realizing that being a parent last forever. No going back. I just had to mentally tell myself that we are as ready as we can be and trying to get more ready everyday. 

Ok here are my prego photos from yesterday. Derek actually did a great job. We struggle sometimes to take any good ones but I felt like he got some great ones this time.

{He naturally wanted in on the fun}

Ok last thing I want to post. I talked about a Fall Bucket List Derek and I had put together. This was to help us make sure we are getting out and enjoying the most of our "just us" time during the holidays. I finally finished creating it and wanted to share it with all of you since we are now in the fall season. We've got two of them done already and are looking forward to doing more.

Thanks for reading through the entire blog post...those of you who stuck around. ha Have a great week!


  1. What a fun weekend! You are looking SO cute preggy girl! :) Those hot dogs look KILLER too. Seriously, I'm salivating! YAY FALL! Love all your cute pics!

  2. Oktoberfest looked like so much fun!! I loves the chock the block :) you are looking adorable sporting that bump!

  3. Are you kidding me?! You totally look pregnant! You are so cute! I'm so jealous of the fun weekend you guys had. Those chalk pictures are awesome and that German food looks so yummy! We totally made Paula Deen's peach cobbler a few weeks ago. Mmm!

  4. LOVE the photos. you are such a cute lil mama :)

  5. These are some awesome pictures! Love the festival, I need to find something like that to go to.

    Thanks for the Fall bucket list, these are a good idea! (:p I'll blame you for having Brauts tonight)

  6. It was fun to read your blog Laura! Since I can never get a hold of you :) It's okay, I don't try very hard. Anyway, love you!