Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Work Travels: Philadelphia & NY

So recently for work I was able to travel to Philadelphia and New York.  It was a blast. Successful conferences, family, and friends. I couldn't of asked for better trips. I seriously love my job. I feel so blessed everyday to do something I love so much. So here are some highlights from each trip:

  • Saw my friend Dan from college, met his girlfriend, and ate an authentic Philly Cheese-steak with Cheese Wiz. It was delicious. Seriously. It was fun to see him and catch up. It had been a long time.
  • Went out to dinner with my Aunt Janette and Uncle Lance. We went to this amazing Italian restaurant. It is located right across the street from an Opera Academy so each waitor is an opera singer. Every 10-15 minutes they break out in to some beautiful aria. What a treat. The food was great as well. It was fun to catch up with them and see their new house. It's a charming row house located in a great area. How I love the east coast. Also this is huge news for me: I ate a muscle! I hate all seafood but my uncle challenged me to eat it. It wasn't the worst thing.
  • Walked around the city and saw many great historic things
Fruit Stands!
View of the city
City Center
More of the city center. Love the architecture.
This chandelier is in my aunts house and is made from things found in the city of Philly.
Row Houses: These ones are 300 years old!
Ate dinner in the room where George Washington was inaugurated.
What a beautiful city
 New York:
  • Went into the city on Thursday night and had fun exploring and eating delicious pizza with my friend Kate!
  • Drove around with a co-worked and saw so many beautiful estates along the Hudson. I could just die. Those who know me well know I am obsessed with large homes.
  • Dinner with my Aunt Lori and Uncle Joe. It was so much fun catching up on family and our lives. It has been far too long since I had seen them. It was truly a wonderful night.

Best. Pizza. Ever.

My fantastic friend Kate!

Chrysler Building. It was a foggy night.
Downtown library
Grand Central Station
Rockefeller Building
Being a true New Yorker on her iPhone
St. Pauls Cathedral...i think
Yeah for work!
The stables at the Tarrytown House
I love big houses


  1. Wow is all I can say. Lauren & Morgan say Hi.

  2. 1.) I am so so jealous of your job! Looks amazing.
    2.) I am so so jealous you got to go to the east coast. I miss living there...my parents are moving away from Philly in 3 weeks, and i keep telling them to eat as many cheese steaks as they can :) ha.

  3. LOVE this. Please come back so we can do real stuff and not just for a few hours. I promise to make it worth your time!

  4. You have the best, most exciting job in the world! I dream about traveling abroad so much that I forget there are really cool things to see right here in the good ol' U.S. of A!