Tuesday, March 6, 2012

London: Part 1

As I mentioned in my last blog post, we loved Paris until we go to London. Oh my we loved London. You could argue it's because we had more time there and that we had tour guides of the city. Put that all aside and we still loved it. It's cleaner, it seemed more magical, and the people were 100% nicer and spoke English! ha Don't get me wrong, we loved both cities but London was just amazing.

I will have to split this blog post in to two. I have pictures I want to share and I have some pictures my friend took that I want to share as well.

Ok here we go again. Phase 1. Story telling through photos:

WARNING: They are not in order of events and there are a lot of pictures. It's just so hard to choose.

The London Eye. So beautiful at night.
Derek was so great about always carrying my purse
Big Ben!

Tower of London
Derek was excited about history. Who knew? ha
Tower Bridge
Tower of London

Inside the Tower of London
Love Tudor Homes
Derek was strong enough to lift a soldiers backpack
I mean...we had to right?
New exhibit at Tate Modern
Me and Racheal paying our respects to her work
Derek was so excited to see Globe Theater
Rach showing us her school!
Covent Gardens
So London is awesome and is doing a city wide Easter Egg Hunt

I think Derek is done taking pictures for the night...
Rach had to have this balloon. She chased after it.
Where the Queen lives
Trafalgar Square
Ben's Cookies. So delicious.
Climbing on the statues at Trafalgar Square
She had trouble climbing on to the lion. Poor Racheal!
The coolest part about the new exhibit at Tate Modern
Best restaurant. We love Nando's!
Derek finally met his hero!
I love how the light it up. What a huge store!
True Fish & Chips
Oh this soda. What an awkward story behind this
Big Ben again
Westminster Abbey
Stay tuned for Part 2. More fun and funny pictures to come.


  1. How fun! Now I feel like I didn't experience London to its fullest potential. Oh well, I guess I'll have to go back. :) Can't wait to hear the awkward alcohol looking soda story!

  2. Out of all those pictures...I want to know the story behind the soda....

  3. Okay so about that backpack. I know I tried to do that with Jack, but I sincerely can't remember if I did or not. I'd like to think that I did. GO DEREK!
    Part 2, part 2!!!!